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Student Employment, Information for Employers

Employment can be a very important part of a student’s experience at Montana Tech. Working while attending college can help to defer the cost of education, assist in learning valuable time management skills, and give transferable experience to students when they enter the job market.


Finding a Student Employee

Available positions can be posted through Career Services in DR2.0. Create an employer account or login to your existing DR2.0 account to post jobs and search for students interested in on-campus jobs.

Student Employment Paperwork

Once you hire a student, the student must complete the student employment paperwork.

If the student previously worked on campus, contact Jenna Snow in Enrollment Services at jsnow2@mtech.edu or 406-496-4223 for a student employment certification form.

If the student is new to student employment, he or she must pick up student employment paperwork from Jenna Snow in Enrollment Services, SSC 3.126. Jenna will explain the forms and policy and procedures. Contact Jenna Snow at jsnow2@mtech.edu or 406-496-4223 with any questions.

Paying a Student Employee


Montana Tech uses pre-printed timecards. Supervisors will receive pre-printed timecards from Enrollment Services through campus mail once complete paperwork for each student employee is received.

It is up to the student and supervisor to ensure timecards are returned to Enrollment Services by the deadline.

All timecards are:

  • Time cards or leave cards are due in the Financial Aid Office by the first working day following the end of each pay period for which time is being reported. Classified employees will be paid biweekly (if this falls on a holiday, cards are due by noon on the next business day);
  • Need to be completed in ink, signed by the student employee and supervisor;
  • Only accepted if delivered by the supervisor, administrative associate, or other campus official. Timecards will be accepted from a student only if they are sealed in an envelope signed by the supervisor.

The student pay period is biweekly. Students are paid on the Wednesday that falls two weeks after the end of a pay period. Students that do not have direct deposit, paychecks will be mailed to the address provided on their current Student Employment Certification Form/GRA Contract/GTA Contract.
• Students leaving for break that want their last check mailed to them should provide a self- addressed and stamped envelope to the Payroll Office, MG 205.

Students that would like paychecks electronically deposited should submit the Electronic Payroll Deposit form to the Budget and Human Services Office, MG 303.
• The first check after signing up for electronic deposit will be mailed to the address provided on their current Student Employment Certification Form/GRA Contract/GTA Contract; subsequent checks will be electronically deposited.

Confidentiality Issues

In many of the positions available, students may have access to confidential material. Students are expected to respect the confidential nature of information they may read or overhear concerning students, parents, faculty, staff, alumni, donors, or vendors including income information, tax information, grade and job evaluations, documents relating to performance, salary and fringe benefits, insurance information, account information and other administrative or personal information.

All student employees must complete a FERPA training course upon beginning employment. Supervisors should identify confidentiality issues with all student employees.