What to do

  1. Evacuation of the building is required any time the alarm sounds or you are notified in person or by phone that evacuation is necessary.
  2. If you are an Emergency Response Assistant, perform your assigned duties for the evacuation.
  3. Exit your laboratory or office, turn off all equipment in your path of travel, and close but do not lock doors as you exit. The exception would be offices where money or records need to be secured.
  4. Exit the building using stairs. Never use an elevator. Assist those who may need help with the stairs. See the section on assisting those with special needs. Proceed to nearest exit. Do not re-enter the building until you are permitted to do so by the Fire Department, Sheriff or Security.
  5. Move away from the building and congregate in the designated area for building. See Chapter 3 of Emergency Plan for assembly areas. DO NOT LEAVE until you have been accounted for. Sign one of the emergency evacuation sign-in sheets.
  6. Lists of employees by building and class lists may need to be checked.
  7. If, after a building is evacuated, you suspect that someone is still in the building, notify the emergency responders at the scene immediately. Never attempt to go back into the building.