North Campus Building Assembly Areas

See images of all the assembly areas on the North Campus here.

1: South Side of Park Street near Leonard Field by handrail

  • Engineering Hall
  • Main Hall
  • Mill Building
  • S&E (Science & Engineering Building)

2: South Side of Park Street by stadium fence

  • HSB (Health Sciences Building)
  • SUB (Student Union Building)
  • Heating Plant
  • Greenhouse
  • Physical Plant building

3: Grassy area west of ELC

  • ELC (Engineering, Lab & Classroom Building)
  • Library and Auditorium
  • NRB (Natural Resources Building)
    University Relations Center

4: Middle of mall area

  • CBB (Chemistry/Biology Building)
  • Museum Building

5: Prospector lawn by flag poles

  • MG (Mining Geology Building)

6: Bottom of stairs on east side of HPER

  • HPER – east exits
    South end of South HPER practice field

7: Grassy area west of HPER

  • HPER – west exits

8 & 9: Prospector and Centennial Halls

  • Prospector evacuates to Centennial
  • Centennial evacuates to Prospector
  • If both halls are involved, they evacuate to Leonard Field

Highlands College Assembly Areas

  • South end of parking lot for south end of building
  • North end of parking lot for north end of building

Montana Tech Research Center Assembly Area

  • Far end of the parking lot