30-Minute Response

  • Call 911 immediately if a threat is received anywhere on campus.
  • Butte-Silver Bow Law Enforcement personnel will be in charge. Ask them if and how the building should be evacuated.
  • Make sure individuals are removed to the farthest possible secure point with as much protection from debris as possible if building is evacuated.
  • Keep people away from windows. Explosions will cause windows to break, even at a distance.
  • Montana Tech employees may be asked to go with Law Enforcement to do a search of the building. Employees are most familiar with what is “normal” and what would be out of place.
  • Form Crisis Response Team.

Management of Phoned Bomb Threat

  • Keep caller on line as long as possible. Use Bomb Threat Checklist.
  • Ask as many questions as possible about location of bomb.
  • Inform caller that building is occupied, and the detonation of bomb could result in death and injury to many innocent people.
  • Pay close attention to voice and background noises and make notes on checklist.

Management of Written Bomb Threat

  • Save all materials including envelope or container.
  • Avoid unnecessary handling of any materials to retain evidence such as fingerprints.

3-Hour Response

  • After ALL CLEAR is given by emergency personnel, recipient of threat should work with Law enforcement personnel to determine as much information as possible.