2017 Presentations

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Remediation in Southwest Montana Session

Revegetation after Mine Waste Removal and Metals Impacts:  Examples from Western Montana Floodplains
Tom Parker, Geum Environmental Consulting & Stuart Jennings, KC Harvey Environmental

Montana Moonscapes:  Mitigating Large-Scale Erosion on Steep Slope Uplands in Roadless Areas of the Anaconda Superfund Site
Pedro Marques, Big Hole Watershed Committee

Remediating and Restoring Smelter-Devastated Lands Ner Anaconda, Montana 
Greg Mullen, Montana Natural Resource Damage Program & Rich Prodgers, Bighorn Environmental Sciences

The Clark Fork River Reach - A Remediation and Restoration Project
Bill Bucher, PE, CDM Smith

Items of Geological Interest Session

The World Class Talc Deposits of Montana
John Childs, Phd< Childs Geoscience, Inc.

Water Availability and Use at the Cripple Creek & Victor MIne Site
Ronald Parratt, Newmont Mining Corp.

On Foreign Soil Session

The Cultural Adventures of Sierra Leone - Mining and Beyond
Ruby B. Johnson, USDA Forest Service

Optimizing the Ecological Benefits of Different Reclamation Soils Across the Landscape in the Alberta MIneable Oil Sands Region
Brad Pinno, PhD, Canadian Forest Service

Tailings Failures and Risk Management Considerations
Dirk van Zyl, PhD, PE, P Eng, University of British Columbia

Dan Brown's "DaVinci Code" meets Indiana Jones:  Exploration for Gold in the Amazon Region of Ecuador 
Keith Barron, PhD, Aurania Resources, Ltd.

History & Archaeology Session

Mining History and Minerals:  Bluebird Mine and Mill, Butte, Montana
Richard Gibson, Independent Geology & Historian

Ice Patch Archaeology and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Craig Lee, PhD, University of Colorado at Boulder & James Strait, Montana DEQ

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Water Treatment/Management Session

Applications of Microbiological Methods in Mine Waste/Water Management
Seth D'Imperio, PhD, Enviromin, Inc.

Proactive & Predictive Water Management of a Pit Lake used for Tailings Disposal, Humbolt Tailings Disposal Facility, Eagle Mine, Michigan
Jennifer Nutini, PE, Lundin Eagle Mine

Sulfate and Nitrate Removal from Mining Wastewaters using the Electro-Biochemical Reactor (EBR) Technology
Jane Fudyma, INOTEC

Embankment Underdrain for Nitrogen Source Reduction
Matt Wolfe, Stillwater MIning Company & Craig Hall,  Knight Piesold Ltd.

Exploration & Outreach Session

Proactive Prospect Advancement:  Discovery, Permitting, Community Outreach, and Pilot Drilling of the Clementine Prospect in the Northern Pioneer Mountains, Southwest Montana
George Brimhall, Clementine Exploration

Community Outreach in Exploration:  An Example from Minnesota
Amanda Miller, Kennecott Exploration Company

Social Risks in the Mining Sector
Erik Carlson, AICP, ERM

Mine Design Session

Strata Energy's Central Processing Plant - A Design-Build Success Story
Beau Johnston, PE, Woodard Curran

Cost and Technically Effective Methods for Erosion and Sediment Control on Large Mine and Mine Reclamation Sites from Design into Construction
Martin Carlson, PE & Cody Lechleitner, PE, CDM Smith

Fort Knox Belt #1 Rehabilitation
Kris VanLuchene, PE & Tim White, PE, MOrrison Maierle

Tailings Impoundment Session

Tailings Impoundment Stabilization using Ground Improvement Technologies
Ken Brouwer, Knight Piesold Ltd.

Risk Analysis for Evaluation of Mine Impounded Water
Mike Gobla, PE, US Bureau of Reclamation

Tailings Dam Breach Analyses and Classification from a Canadian Perspective
Marc E. Orman, PE, GE, Amec Foster Wheeler

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Revisits (Oldies but Goodies) Session

Selection and Implementation of a Post-Closure Mine Dewatering System at the Chevron Mining, Inc., Questa Mine, New Mexico
Joe Gilbert, PG, GISP, Arcadis US, Inc.

Keeping the McDonald Candle Lit
Sonya Rosenthal, PE, Montana Tech

Update on Riley Pass
Mary Beth Marks, USDA Forest Service

Reclamation/Remediation Session

Source Control:  Is it too Good to be True?
Paul Eger, Sovereign Consulting

Extracting Value from Mine Waste
Andrew Harley, PhD, DuraRoot Environmental Consulting

Successful Erosion Control and Revegetation Techniques for MIne Reclamation
Michael Vice, Consulting Reclamationist

Reclamation in Times of Fiscal Restraint - What are the Opportunities?
David Polster, Polster Environmental Services Ltd.