Goal 3: Healthy and Vibrant Campus Ecosystem

  • Create, encourage and support opportunities to build campus community
  • Develop a comprehensive professional development program
  • Regularly assess, evaluate and improve the campus work environment
  • Promote an environment that supports equity, inclusion, and belonging through collaboration, mutual respect and openness, and understanding of others
  • Develop a robust onboarding and orientation process for all employees, including faculty, staff, and students
  • Ensure policies and procedures are in place that promotes a university-wide culture of safety, efficiency, and responsiveness
  • Adopt a comprehensive campus master plan that supports the academic, research, and student learning needs of the campus
  • Provide exceptional facilities that support education, research, and innovation
  • Leverage technology to modernize all business processes as well as education delivery

Goal 1: Student SuccessGoal 2: Programs of Distinction