Daqian Jiang

Environmental Engineering


Daqian "DJ" Jiang, Ph.D., EIT

DJ Jiang, Environmental Engineering

Assistant Professor
Environmental Engineering
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2010    Ph.D. Environmental Engineering, University of Connecticut
2015    M.S. Statistics, University of Minnesota
2015    M.S. Science, Technology & Environmental Policy, University of Minnesota
2006    B.S. Environmental Science, Renmin University, Beijing, China

Academic Experience
2017-present  Assistant Professor, Montana Tech
2015-2017 Associate Research Scientist, Yale University 
2017-2017    Research Associate, Colorado School of Mines
2013-2015 Postdoctoral Associate, Graduate Student, University of Minnesota
2011-2013       Postdoctoral Associate, Columbia University

Non-Academic Experience:  N/A

Certifications or Professional Registrations: 

Engineer-in-Training (Connecticut, License # EIT009637)

Current Membership in Professional Organizations:

International Society of Industrial Ecology

Honors and Awards:  N/A
Service Activities:  N/A

Publications and Presentations from the Past Five Years:

Jiang*, WQ. Chen, W. Liu, M. Chertow*. (2017). Inter-sectoral Bisphenol A (BPA) flows in the 2012 Chinese economy. Environmental Science
and Technology

Ramaswami*, K. Tong, A. Fang, R. Lal, A. Nagpure, Y. Li, Y. Yu, D. Jiang, A. Russell, L. Shi, M. Chertow, Y. Wang, S. Wang. (2017). Urban cross-sector actions for deep de-carbonization with local health co-benefits: Insights from China. Nature Climate Change.

Zhou*, D. Jiang, Z. Zhao. (2017). Quantification of the greenhouse gas emissions from the pre-disposal stage of municipal solid waste management. Environmental Science & Technology.

HHuang, L. Lu, D. Jiang, D. Xing*, Z. Ren*. (2017). Electrochemical hythane production for renewable energy storage and biogas upgrading. Applied Energy.

Jiang*, M. Fisher, Z. Huang, N. Kunz. (2017). Identify drivers of China’s provincial wastewater reuse outcome using Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA). Journal of Industrial Ecology.

Ramaswami*, D. Jiang, K. Tong, Z. Zhao. (2017). Impact of the economic structure of cities on urban scaling factors: Implications for material-energy flows in China. Journal of Industrial Ecology

Huang, D. Jiang, L. Lu, Z. Ren*. (2016). Ambient CO2 capture and storage in bioelectrochemically mediated wastewater treatment. Bioresource Technology.

Jiang, W. Khunjar (equal contribution)*, S. Murthy, B. Wett, K. Chandran*. (2015). Characterizing the metabolic tradeoff that occurs in Nitrosomonas europaea in response to changes in inorganic carbon supply. Environmental Science and Technology.

Professional Development Activities:  N/A

Non-Academic Activities:

Soccer, basketball, being a couch potato