Montana Technological University’s Honors Program is an exclusive program that has been designed to stimulate the minds of some of our most academically inquisitive students. Many universities offer honors programs, but Montana Tech’s stands out as unique.

Why Participate in Montana Tech’s Honor Program?

Honors students have exclusive access to a dedicated lounge in the Academic Center for Excellence. They also have the opportunity to live in a special wing of the newest dorm on campus, the Living and Learning Center. Scholarship support and priority class registration are also offered to honors students. The program also includes non-academic art, science, culture and community activities that will foster relationships with campus leaders.


Honors students are required to register for a 0-credit seminar each semester with their cohort. Seminar topics vary each semester but are always discussion based.


Each semester, honors students will participate in a service event, which will likely be part of existing service activities hosted by Associated Students of Montana Tech (ASMT).


At least twice a year, students will have the opportunity to have dinner with campus leaders, such as the Chancellor, Provosts and Vice Chancellors. These meals give honors students the chance to share their thoughts and ideas about the university with leaders who can create change.

Cultural/Social Events

At last once a semester, honors students will have the opportunity to engage in a social/cultural activity. The events may include outdoor excursions, art workshops, concerts, or theater.

We would love to see you accept the challenge and apply for Montana Technological University's Honors Program!

Apply Now

To apply to the Honors Program, you must already be a freshman in your first semester at Montana Tech. You must have had an incoming 3.5 GPA or better, and show strong performance on ACT or SAT tests. Students will apply in fall semester and will be accepted for the following spring semester.

In order to be considered for the program, you must submit:

  • the honors application.
  • a resume detailing co-curricular activities and achievement.
  • a 400-500 word essay about a time that you overcame a challenge.

Further application procedures and deadlines for academic year 2023-2024 are forthcoming.

Program Requirements

During the program, students must maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 3.25, attend semesterly honors seminars, and participate in service activities. Students are highly encouraged to participate in all cultural/social activities.

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Being part of the honors program at Tech is awesome! I didn't know what to expect when I first applied, but I am so glad I did. Since joining, I have gotten to know a few faculty members and become friends with the other students in the cohort. It's nice to recognize other faces on campus and be able to say hello! Not only that, but getting to participate in the group discussions and activities is a nice break from the traditional lectures I have in my other classes. If you have the opportunity to apply, I would highly recommend it!

Jaden Cleveland Freshman, Civil Engineering Butte, MT

Explore Honors Curriculum

Honors seminar is designed to challenge you academically and to foster a culture of intellectual inquiry. Students are required to register for the zero credit seminar each semester and the course is taught by the same instructor all year. The Fall seminar topic is usually selected by the instructor and the Spring seminar topic is selected by the students and the instructor.

Seminar is meant to be a unique experience/topic that is only offered to the honors students. Ranging from Deep Reads (where we delve into one great book), Social Justice Issues, and special topics. Take a look at our past seminar topics.

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Matt Haynes, MFA
Honors Program Director, Writing Instructor