Research is a pillar of STEM education at Montana Tech.
Research is a pillar of STEM education at Montana Tech. See how our researchers are developing technologies of the future.
Montana Tech Char Lab
Meet the students working in Montana Tech's Biochar Lab, who assist Dr. Rick LaDouceur in novel separation techniques using biochar. Biochar resembles charcoal, and is the substance that is left over after biomass has been burned. A lot of research has been done on the properties of biochar made from agriculture or forest products. LaDouceur’s lab has focused on finding a way to turn hemp stalks into a viable biochar product.
Technology Commercialization and Start-ups

As a graduate student, your education will be translational. You'll take work from the lab, to be put into practice in the field.

Alumni stories
Alum fights global climate change

Dr. George Mwaniki is Head of Air Quality, Africa at World Resources Institute.

Kombucha SCOBYS used to filter water

Emily Rutledge, M.S. Environmental Engineering, '22 focused her research on innovative water filtration techniques.

Tech alum, professor participate in COP27

Montana Tech alumnus, Emily Rutledge, and assistant professor of Civil Engineering, Dr. Jessica Daignault participate in COP 27.

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