Alpha Technology, LLC

Alpha Technology, LLC (Alpha Tech), owned and operated by Department Head and Professor Dr. Jack Skinner, has sought to commercialize technologies invented at Montana Tech since 2018. Following BOR policy 407 approval in 2018, Alpha Tech licensed an antiviral additive discovered at Montana Tech by Skinner and Research Associate and University of Montana alum Dr. Jessica Andriolo. Through several granted pre-clinical contracts, the antiviral is now classified as “highly active” against three strains of virus, and “moderately active” against a fourth. Alpha Tech has also licensed an on-demand wound care technology developed at Montana Tech that enables safe delivery of drug-activated fiber bandages deposited directly onto wound sites. Alpha Tech partners with Montana Tech through a Facilities Use Agreement, and co-development of several STTR proposals. Alpha Tech has been granted several economic development grants by the Butte-Silver Bow City Council, and has signed a letter of intent with the Praxis Center, a state-of-the-art rural medicine training facility in uptown Butte. Alpha Tech will exist in a business incubator within the Praxis Center, facilitating the relationship between Montana Tech and the Praxis Center, as well as connecting the MUS to small businesses built on MUS-invented technologies.

Example of a Montana Tech Invention Licensed by Alpha Tech. “Fiber Creation and Deposition on Arbitrary Surfaces With Gas-Modified Electrospinning”. Emily A. Kooistra-Manning, Lane G. Huston, Jack L. Skinner, Jessica M. Andriolo;; Published Online: January 21, 2020

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