Step 1: Employee

Filing a work comp claim is a two-step process for the employee and his/her supervisor. The injured employee completes his/her portion of the electronic First Report of Injury (FROI) form. When the employee completes their sections of the FROI and clicks on the “Submit” button, it is submitted electronically to the supervisor for completion of the Supervisor’s section of the form.

Step 2: Supervisor

The FROI is transmitted to the Supervisor via e-mail, instructing the supervisor to use the one-time link to complete the FROI and submit it to the Campus Claim Coordinator. Once the Supervisor clicks the link, he/she will enter their name and e-mail address and then may proceed with completing the Supervisor section of the FROI. The Supervisor will need to communicate with the Employee to complete the FROI.

When the Supervisor’s section has been completed, the Supervisor must click the “Submit” button and is instructed to print, sign and have the injured employee sign the hardcopy; he/she then submits the original hardcopy with both signatures to the campus claim coordinator, Cathy Isakson. The employee’s signature authorizes medical providers to provide relevant health information to the workers’ compensation claim adjuster. The claim coordinator will contact you if clarification is needed and will submit the form to the workers’ compensation adjuster. You will receive an email confirming the claim has been submitted to the adjuster.

Both the employee and employer should complete each section of the FROI as thoroughly as possible with information available, including details on when, where and how the injury or illness occurred and who was involved. However, the FROI should be completed and submitted as soon as possible for best possible outcomes; additional information not immediately available may be reported later.

For more information about MUS workers’ compensation, visit the Montana University System Self-Funded Workers' Compensation Program or E-mail Cathy Isakson or call at 406-496-4380.

What's Next?

Claim Adjuster: When you submit the electronic form, it is sent to a claim adjuster at Intermountain Claims, who is responsible for determining the compensability of the claim in accordance with MT workers’ compensation law, managing compensable claims (paying medical bills, approving treatment etc.) and generally ensuring the treatment and healing process goes smoothly for our employees.

You will receive information in the mail from Intermountain Claims with a Workers’ Compensation Benefits Summary and other information related to your claim. Please watch for that package and retain all documents related to the claim. If accepted as a compensable workers’ compensation claim, medical care and benefits related to the claim must be coordinated through the claims examiner at Intermountain.