2nd Day Interviews

2nd Day interviews are the day after the career fair and all managed through the Career Fair+ app. Sign up for Career Fair+ here.

Once in Career Fair+, you will go to the meetings tab and setup your interview schedule. On the day of the career fair, collect any candidate’s email you’d like to interview. You’ll be able to send them an invite to your interview schedule, and they will be able to pick a time.

In the special instructions on the interview schedule, you will be assigned a location on campus where the interviews will take place. Your candidates will also be able to view the special instructions to find out where the interviews are taking place.

Career services will be onsite that day to direct people to the appropriate location as well. Don’t hesitate to call career services with any questions (406) 496-4140.

Career Services

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(406) 496-4140
University Relations Center 109