Explore Your Transfer Credit

Transferology is a free tool for students to see how courses can transfer to Montana Tech. Create an account, add courses and exams you've taken, and get a matching/maybe percentage of how your previous courses, exams, and military experience may transfer to Montana Tech. If a course is not in the database, submit those courses using the "Request Information" button, and we will evaluate the maybes for you.

How do I use Transferology?

  • Create a free account, then select "Will My Courses Transfer" to see how your courses will transfer from another institution. Add the institution, term and year the course was taken, and use department to find your course, click "Search for Matches," and view the results.
  • You can also inform schools of your interest in transferring by asking about specific programs, campus visits, veterans services, financial aid, and advising.
  • You can also use "Find a Replacement Course" to find courses you could take at other schools to transfer back to Montana Tech.

Can Transferology show me how my courses will transfer?

  • Yes, you can search courses to find matches and see how they may transfer to Montana Tech. 
  • If your course doesn’t appear to have a match (is listed as a “maybe”), select the percent match icon, and select “Contact School for More Information” link and request your course equivalencies.

What does a "Maybe" result mean?

  • This means those courses haven't been reviewed by our evaluation team yet. You can request “maybe” courses be evaluated by clicking on the percent match icon, and select “Contact School for More Information” link.

Note: Transferology is a tool to provide a preliminary, unofficial evaluation. The contents of Transferology are subject to change and course equivalencies are contingent upon the academic program and the general education requirements of Montana Tech. If a course or institution is not listed, it does not necessarily mean the course will not transfer, rather the information is not yet in our database.

Transfer Application Timeline

For transfer students that complete their admissions file at least one month before the start of classes:

  • Within 5 working days after receiving a new transfer student application for admissions file, you will be sent notification that your application has been received and information regarding additional information needed to complete your file. 
  • Within 10 working days after your admission file is complete, your file will be reviewed to determine what credits will transfer from all institutions you've attended and you will be notified in writing about the number of credits accepted, the use of those credits in satisfying the general education requirements in your program of study, and the process for reviewing the transfer classes for possible use in the your major, minor, option, or certificate.

Montana Tech is required to follow the transfer credit policies established by the Montana University System Board of Regents. Review the transfer student policies.

To view the courses that will transfer from other schools within the Montana University System, visit the Transferability Initiative website.

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