Why earn your Master of Science in General Engineering at Montana Tech? 

You'll learn from the best professors and have access to state-of-the art labs with excellent research opportunities. Master's degrees often command higher salaries in the workforce and can also serve as a launchpoint into further graduate study. 


The Civil Engineering concentration focuses on the structural engineering, geotechnical, and water hydraulics and hydrology fields of civil engineering.

State-of-the-Art Labs 

You'll have access to cutting-edge facilities at Montana Tech, like the one managed by Dr. Jack Skinner. 

The Montana Tech Nanotechnology Laboratory (MTNL) was established in 2014 by Dr. Jack Skinner. The MTNL cleanroom contains unique equipment and capabilities within the state with a lithography bay and general cleanroom space. Equipment in the MTNL cleanroom enables nanoscale fabrication and characterization. Specifically, equipment includes the following: scanning and transmission microscopes, spectroscopic ellipsometer, thermal evaporator, reactive ion etcher, deep reactive ion etcher, critical point dryer, parylene coater, ultramicrotome, co-sputter deposition, contact aligner, profilometer, solar simulator, laser cutter, atomic force microscope, nanoimprint lithography and passivation tools, 3D printers, and electrospinning equipment, among others. The MTNL cleanroom provides students a career-defining experience to gain skills for many industries, including semiconductor, biomedical, petroleum, aerospace, and national security, as well as other highly-rewarding career areas. We provide a facility and expertise that aim to promote business and economic growth in Montana and enable our talented and prepared graduates to pursue challenging and rewarding career opportunities world-wide.

Outstanding Location 

Live and learn in Butte, an outdoor adventurer’s paradise. Six mountain ranges surround the Montana Tech campus, and two national parks and five rivers are nearby for weekend adventures. You’ll benefit inside and outside the classroom while earning your master’s degree in general engineering here. 

Study General Engineering and Have Fun Too  

Get involved in various clubs and organizations on campus, such as the Engineers Without Borders club. Ski at nearby resorts or in the backcountry. Enjoy southwest Montana’s hot springs. Hike the Great Divide and other trails. Fish in pristine mountain streams. While you earn your general engineering degree, you’ll enjoy doing it at Montana Tech.

Other Concentrations

The Mechanical Engineering concentration focuses on mechanical power and machines, energy studies, and concurrent engineering.

The Welding Engineering concentration offers a sound education in welding processes, codes and standards requirements, nondestructive examination and welding metallurgy. 

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When the candidate for a master’s degree has elected Option A (thesis option), the student must present the thesis and pass an oral examination. The oral examination will include an examination on the thesis presentation, but may also include questions relating to the graduate study program.

Students who elect the non-thesis option must complete at least six (6) credits of special problems and pass an oral and comprehensive exam.

The required number of credits (30 or 36 depending whether the student is following Option A or Option B) will be selected upon approval of the student’s graduate committee, in a manner such that the Graduate School requirements are met.

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