Why Study  Masters of Engineering at Montana Tech?

The Masters of Engineering (M.Eng.) degree is a 31-credit coursework-only master’s degree for those with a B.S. degrees in engineering, including practicing professionals and recent graduates. It provides an avenue for professional advancement and licensure. It also provides a curriculum path for high-achieving undergraduate engineering students seeking a Master’s degree, but who aren’t interested in research careers.

Choose From a Number of Specializations

You can specialize in Civil, Electrical, Environmental, Geological, Geophysical, Geotechnical, Hydrogeological, Mechanical, Metallurgical/Minerals, Materials, Mining, or Petroleum. 

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Each year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, for engineers & architects

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Students are required to select a discipline option from Civil, Electrical, Environmental, Geological, Geophysical, Geotechnical, Hydrogeological, Mechanical, Metallurgical/Minerals, Materials, Mining, and Petroleum. The student will take advanced courses within the option in addition to 6 credits selected from a core. All options require a one-credit exit exam.

Requirements are 31 credits of coursework to include:

  • 6 credits of 500-level core classes to include
    • MPEM 5020, Project and Engineering Management, 3 credits
    • MPEM 5010, Entrepreneurship & Economic Feasibility, 3 credits
  • 16 credits of courses at 400 level or higher focused on the chosen option.  Courses are approved by the department housing the option.  10 or more of these credits must be at the 500 level including a one-credit M.Eng. exit exam. 
  • 9 credits of approved electives at the 400-level or higher.  Elective courses are approved by the department housing the option.
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