• Have access to a computer and a reliable internet connection

Be Informed

  • Get started early
  • Know how to navigate your course
  • Read everything your instructor sends or posts.  Ask for clarification right away, if needed.
  • Print the syllabus and read often


  • Check your Tech email daily.  Note that you can forward your Tech email to another account
  • Ask your instructor how he/she prefers to be contacted
  • Ask for clarification right away if you don't understand what is being said or asked
  • Ask for help right away for technical issues or coursework questions -- be proactive!
  • Check and read your email before you send it
  • Don't type in all-caps -- this is a form of yelling in Internet communication
  • Be sure you post substantial, documented comments in forum posts
  • Be respectful of other students' thoughts and perspectives

Stay Organized

  • Keep deadlines marked on one calendar or planner
  • Make sure you finish and submit all course assignments on time
  • Back up your data
  • Be consistent

Time Management

  • Online courses can be more challenging
  • Don't procrastinate
  • Keep up with assigned readings
  • Set designated blocks of time to work on the course each day
  • Get involved with the course!