In this two-year program you will be introduced to and provided experience in welding fabrication, pipe and structural welding, and aluminum welding.

Why Study Welding at Highlands College of Montana Tech?

Talented instructors provide you personal instruction using industry-leading tools and equipment in skills-relevant facilities. This four-semester Welding Technology program moves you along to certification and a job as quickly as possible. You’ll learn all the skills you need to pass AWS and API qualification and certification tests, and techniques to better prepare you for this growing and changing high-demand field. Highlands College tuition is also affordable, and a smart investment.

Early Exit Option Possible

If a student completes the first two semesters of study, they may be able to receive the Certificate of Applied Science in Welding Technology.

Continue on to a Bachelor’s of Applied Science

Continue your studies to receive a Bachelor’s of Applied Science in Business or General Studies. This more advanced degree can give you the skills to manage your own welding shop, or advance within your employing organization into management roles.

Ready to Start Your Journey in Welding technology?

The welding technology program requires students to have industry-standard tools at the start of the semester. For a list of tools and pricing, please contact program instructor Jim LeProwse.

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$47,010 Median Annual Salary

For Welders, 2021

$22.60 Median Hourly Wage
47,600 Job Openings

Projected 2021

What is Welding Technology?

Welders enjoy the freedom to put their skills to use in a wide range of career paths. They use heat energy or electrical current to join metals. Welders are needed to join beams in the construction of buildings, bridges and other structures. They can also use their skills to build trailers, work on assembly lines, create or repair pipelines, and more.

What Kinds of Jobs Do Welders Get?

The hands-on welding technology program teaches you how to work in a variety of environments like manufacturing, industrial construction, aerospace, and constructing pipelines. In addition, you will have the ability to test for AWS and API qualification and certification exams after completion of their first and second years of the program.

Explore Classes in Welding Technology

You’ll take courses in blueprint reading, qualification test preparation, business law, accounting, and several types of welding.

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