Become a technician who is knowledgeable in computer and network support and can create and manage an organization’s web presence.

Why Study Web Development and Administration at Montana Tech?

Graduates of the web development and administration associate of science degree will use their skills to build functional websites and write, design, or edit existing webpage content. Additionally, you will identify and correct problems from testing or via user feedback, and create visually appealing, web-compatible, marketing media for web pages. You learn to create Interactive Web pages utilizing client-side and server-side scripting languages and install and maintain server-side software for web page administration.

Flexible Start Date, with Path for Advancement

Classes are a combination of online and on campus courses. Start in Fall or Spring. Credits from this program can be applied to the Computer Networks and Cybersecurity AAS or the Cybersecurity and Network Administration BS degrees.

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Engaged Faculty with Experience & Expertise
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What is Web Development and Administration?

Web Development is creating, designing, and editing new or existing web sites.  Web Developers are usually responsible for making web pages visually appealing, functional, and interactive.  After a site is successfully created, administration involves setting up a web server, installing and maintaining server-side software to house the site, and allow for retrieval, monitoring, and testing of the site pages.

What Kinds of Jobs do Web Developers Get?

The Web Development and Administration Associate of Applied Science degree is designed to prepare graduates for entry-level positions such as graphic designer, web content manager, web designer, web developer and web server administrator.

Web Development is crucial in today’s economy and everyday life. Websites are used for business, industry, research, health care, entertainment, education, and more! A career in web development and administration allows you to combine technical skills with creativity and have the ability to work for a variety of different industries or choose to be self-employed.

$73,760 Median Annual Salary
8% Projected Job Growth

Through 2029


Total number of web developers and digital designers in the U.S. 2021

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You’ll take web design and server administration courses, such as Web Site Development, Network Operating Systems - Desktop, and Exploring Digital Photography.

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Career Outcomes

We proud graduates obtain 100% employment most years.

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