Montana University System Student Insurance Plan
Describes the health insurance plan available for students in the Montana University System.

Although the Student Health Center provides excellent outpatient care, all students are required to carry health insurance in the event of an accident or major illness. Montana Tech provides student health insurance through Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance Company, and complete information is available on the Blue Cross Blue Shield website. The Student Fee Assessment includes the Blue Cross Blue Shield Student Insurance.

The Insurance Plan is designed to cover major medical expense including but not limited to hospitalizations, outpatient surgery, prescriptions, and emergency services. It does not cover vision or dental.

Students may also choose to carry health insurance under a different company. If a student does not waive the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana student insurance, they will be charged for the student insurance plan.

NOTE: Students in Distance Learning programs are not eligible for the student insurance.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Resources

If you have questions, please contact the Student Life Office at 406-496-4477

2022-2023 Fall, Returning Students (6-month coverage)
Dates Student Rate SHC Fee Total
8/1/2022 to 1/31/2023 $2,310.00 $10 $2,320.00


If you are a fee-paying student enrolled for 6 or more state supported or self-supported credits at Montana Tech, you are eligible for the insurance. You must elect the insurance before the end of the 15th class day.

Students in Distance Learning programs are not eligible for the student insurance plan.

The insurance will begin on 8/1 (Fall) and 2/1 (Spring), provided that payment is made as required within the enrollment period.

Enrollment Period

The student has until the 15th class day of each semester (Fall and Spring) to either enroll or waive the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana Student Insurance Plan.

The student will not be allowed to enroll in the Student Insurance after the 15th class day unless proof is furnished that the student was dropped from their other insurance coverage during the 30 days immediately preceding the date of the request to join the Student Insurance Plan. In such cases, the cost will be the same as the beginning of the semester. The premium will not be prorated.

Graduating or Leaving Montana Tech

If you are graduating or leaving Montana Tech and are currently enrolled in the student Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance plan, your insurance will terminate. Montana Tech only sponsors a program for enrolled students. It is up to you to find another source of insurance for you and your family if they were on the student insurance plan.

Tips For Finding Another Plan Write out a list of questions to ask of the insurance plan you are looking at.

  • Ask what your deductible options are and how they affect your costs.
  • Find out what is covered and what is not covered.
  • Check to see how your benefits change if you go out of town, state or country.
  • Ask if the insurance company has a website that you can look at the entire policy on.
  • Check with your auto insurance to see if they offer a medical plan.
  • Ask your friends and family who their insurance provider is and how they feel about them.

Don't be afraid to ask questions more than once. If something is said that you don't understand, ask the question again until you do understand. This is your insurance and your money.

Waiving Insurance

The Insurance Policy at Montana Tech states that all students enrolled for 6 or more state-supported or self-supported credit(s) are eligible for the student insurance plan. Students in Distance Learning programs are not eligible for the student insurance plan.

NOTE: International students on non-immigrant visas (F, J, etc) must provide written proof of insurance to the Student Life Office (by the 15th class day in order to waive insurance.

To waive the Student Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance:

  1. Students who have other health insurance coverage may drop the Blue Cross Blue Shield plan and fee by electronic waiver when accepting their bill online each semester.
  2. A waiver is valid for the semester.
  3. Waivers should be completed prior to fee payment

International Students

International students on non-immigrant visas (F, J, etc.) are required to have and to maintain major medical insurance while residing in the United States.