Meal plans are available for students who live on or off campus

2023 - 2024 Meal Plan Prices
Meal Plan Rate Per Semester Rate Per Academic Year Notes
All Inclusive $3,038 $6,076 An average of 19 meals a week. Like eating three square meal s a day? This plan may be for you! Perfect for students that have a big appetite!
The Commuter $2,864 $5,728 An average of 15 meals a week. Perhaps you're a lighter eater? This plan has all the convenience of  the All Inclusive plan, but fewer meals a week.
Upper Class Flex Pass $890 $1,780 A low-cost declining balance option. for a low-cost plan? The Upper Class  Flex Plan allows you not only to eat on your schedule but also at a variety of locations! Only available to Upper Class students living in the LLC*.
Upper Class $1,933 $3,866 Our premium declining balance option. Perfect for students that not only have a bigger appetite, but also like eating at a variety of locations! Only available to Upper Class students.

*LLC= Living Learning Center/SSC Student Success Center

First year students pursuing a bachelor’s degree are only eligible for the All-inclusive or Commuter meal plan.

There is $150.00 of Montana Moolah on the All Inclusive account and $100.00 Montana Moolah on the Commuter account.

What is the difference between Digger Dollars and Montana Moolah?

Digger Dollars can be used across campus at any dining area, the bookstore, and for printing. You put money into the account; funds remain on your account until you are longer an active student. Montana Moolah are dollars that the University puts on your account. The funds can only be used at a dining services locations and they expire at the end of the term.

Individual Meal Pricing

Marcus Deli Buffet Prices Monday - Friday
Meal Price
Breakfast Buffet $7.56
Lunch Buffet $8.64
Dinner Buffet $10.26

Marcus Deli Buffet Prices Saturday & Sunday
Meal Price
Brunch Buffet $8.64
Dinner Buffet $10.26

Available to upper class, faculty and staff, and guests. Diners may pay with cash, credit card, debit card or Digger Dollars.