2022 Call For Proposals Research Seed Grants FOR NEW FACULTY will be issued March 2022

The Seed Grants for New Faculty program is a competitive funding opportunity available each spring semester for tenure-track or MBMG faculty in their first or second year of employment at Montana Tech

The purpose of the program is to “stimulate research and scholarly activity among new additions to the Montana Tech faculty by providing all new faculty the opportunity to compete for seed-money grants to help them embark on a program of research and/or scholarly activity at Montana Tech.” These one-time, $7,000 awards are considered a “starter” and are expected to lead to active research projects, grant proposals, publications, and/or products of research. Proposals are typically due in March

Seed-grant proposals are reviewed by the Research Seed Grant Committee with members from each of the Colleges at MTech.

Past Awardees and Projects

Name Department Details
Gavillott, Yann MBMG Paleoseismic Investigation of the Bitterroot fault to Improve Seismic Hazards Assessments of the Missoula and Bitterroot Valleys, western Montana
Huft, Nathan Mechanical Engineering Cold wire gas metal arc welding for additive manufacturing, cladding, and joining

Name Department Details
Irons, Trevor Geophysical Engineering Next generating batteries for geophysical and remote sensing applications

Name Department Details
Atkinson, Dawn Corbitt, Stacey Writing Create & Investigate the development of an open textbook for a co-requisite pairing of Writing Fundamentals and Introduction to  Technical Writing
Gilkey, David SHIH EHAC survey analysis
Gotkowitz, Madeline MBMG Groundwater recharge estimates informed by stable isotopes of water
Oppong Anane, Akua Freshman Engineering Tabletop university game to increase freshman engineering student engagement at Montana Tech
Staple, Ryan Biological Science Blood storage lesion

Name Department Details
Curtiss, Phillip Computer Science Fusing Data Sets from the VAO using a modified 2D DWT for viewing in the NASA FITS Liberator
Graff, Joel Biological Sciences Identifying and prioritize novel mycobacteriophage proteins that warrant further investigation in the laboratory
Jiang, Daqian Environmental Engineering Bio-Electrochemically Induced Degradation of 8:2-fluorotelometer alcohol: Feasibility and Mechanisms
Lucon, Peter Mechanical Engineering Acquire instrumentation, build proof of concept devices, and generate initial data for NSF, DARPA, DOE and NSF MRI
Prieto, Dario Mechanical Engineering In-operando study of mining byproducts as catalysts for natural gas upgrading
Thomson, Connie MBMG Determining surface water influences on groundwater near the Montana Resources process water pond

Name Department Details
Birkenbuell, Lorrie OSH Assessing Particulate Matter Wall Loss with Conductive vs. Non-Conductive Cassettes used for Airborne Mineral Dust Sampling
Shrestha, Kishor Civil Engineering The Performance-Based Contracting for Road Maintenance Activities
Yakovlev, Petr MBMG Constraining Cenozoic Extension in the Swan Range using Low-Temperature Thermochronometry and Cosmogenic Radionuclide Dating.
Zodrow, Katherine Enviro Engineering Living Microfiltration Membranes:  From Biomimetic to Biological

Name Department Details
Autenrieth, Dan OSH An Intervention Study to Improve Hearing Protector Use in the the Montana Logging Industry: A Point-Source Approach
Cox, Alysia Chemistry Merging Microbial Activity with Geochemistry in Hydrothermal Ecosystems
Korzeb, Stanley MBMG Lead Isotope Study of the Boulder Batholith Mineral Deposits and Volcanic Host Rocks, Southwestern Montana
Pal, Robert Biology Biogeographic Research on Exotic Plant Invasion
Wang, Lei General Engineering Reliability-Based Design Framework for Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil Structures
Yang, Xufei Environmental Engineering Characterization of Fog Samples at and Downwind from the Berkeley Pit

Name Department Details
English, Alan MBMG Using Stable Isotopes, Major Ions, and Trace Elements to Evaluate Recharge Areas and Flow Paths for Cold-Water Springs and Geothermal Springs Adjacent to Yellowstone National Park
Miah, Khalid Geophysical Engineering Ice Energy - a Renewable and Sustainable Energy Source to be Harnessed in Terrestrial and Space Environments
Nagisetty, Raja Environmental Engineering Application of QUAL2Kw Model to Estimate In-stream Dissolved Oxygen Response to Different Nutrient Load Scenarios for Upper Silver Bow Creek, Montana
Pramanik, Brahmananda General Engineering High-Strain Rate Mechanical Characterization of Engineering Materials Via Developing Split-Hopkinson Pressure Bar Test Facility in Montana
Rosenthal, Scott Mining Engineering Investigation of Current Underground Mine Industry for Safe Design of Mobile Equipment Entries, Adits, Drifts and Haulageways
Sorenson, Karen PTC The Rhetorical Construction of Extraterrestrial Life and the Paranormal

Name Department Details
Bayat, Jahan General Engineering Modeling the Mechanical Properties of Biological Cells and their Connectors
Capoccia, Stella Biology Territory, Dispersal, and Population Estimates of the Urban Pidgeon in Uptown Butte, Montana
Hawthorne, Nick PTC Interactive Glassware Application Development for Google Glass
Hill, Bryce Electrical Engineering Acoustic Feedback for Object Tracking
Mosolf, Jesse MBMG Deciphering the Helena Volcanic Fields and Eruptive and Techtonic History Using Modern Analytical Techniques

Name Department Details
Crowley, Jack MBMG Mobile Field GIS Deployment for Seamless Data Integration with the Ground Water Information Center: Potential Efficiencies as Compared to Traditional Paper-based Manual Data-entry Data-processing Models
Scarberry, Caleb MBMG Stratigraphy of the Eocene Lowland Creek Volcano Field, Southwestern Montana
Skinner, Jack General Engineering An Investment in Emerging Nanotechnology at Montana Tech
Yan, Qi General Engineering Reliability of Bluetooth Travel Time Data

Name Department Details
Al-Rawashdeh, Waleed Mathematical Sciences Weighted Composition Operators Between Weighted Bergman and SP  Spaces
Revenaugh, Lance Business & IT The Role of ERP in Strategy Alignment: Examining the world’s largest ERP implementation
Vertanen, Keith Computer Science Prototype Recognizer for Dwell free Eye Typing

Name Department Details
Getty, John Petroleum Engineering Developing standardized methodologies, quantifying instrument accuracy and designing an instrument calibration protocol for use in measuring static gel strength in oil well cements
Shyba, Lori Professional and Technical Communication Book, Pathmaze: Travel, Technology and Our Changing Times
Hailer, Katie Chemistry Determining the role the putative lactam utilization protein ybgL plays in the recognition and repair of the exidized guanine lesion spiroiminodihydantoin in hexavalent chromium treated E. coli
Shaw, Glenn Geological Engineering Monitoring the Response of Groundwater Recharge to Climatic Variation in the Headwaters of the Boulder River, Montana

Name Department Details
Danielson, Chris Liberal Studies Moral Panics, Popular Culture, and the Mobilization of the New Right
Klem, Michael Chemistry & Geochemistry Synthesis and Hyperthermic Study of Magnetic Nano-Materials for Potential Anti-Cancer Applications
Shearer, Heather Professional and Technical Communications Organizational Communication in the 'Promised Land': How texts mediated the life cycle of Peoples Temple Agriculture
Smith, Larry Geological Engineering Preliminary Age-dating of Glacial Lake Missoula Sediments with the Use of the Optically Stimulated Luminescence
Sudhakar, K.V. Metallurgical & Materials Engineering Characterization and Comparison of Beta-Tiatanium (B-Ti) Alloys for Biomedical Applications

Name Department Details
Elliott, Colleen MBMG Purchase and Implementation of Digital Field Mapping Technology
Kukay, Brian General Engineering Proof Loading, a Non-Destructive Approach to Post-Fire Assessments
Meredith, Elizabeth MBMG Methanogen Nutrient Assessment of Montana Coal Aquifers
Risser, Scott Liberal Studies Tangled Web: An Investigation of Online Interactions
Smith Risser, Hilary Mathematics Technology Counts: An examination of the uses of technology in the teaching of K-12 mathematics

Name Department Details
Ackerman, Frank Computer Science An Investigation into the use of scriptable commercial computer games in teaching Computer Science and Software Engineering
Battle, Laurie Math Stochastic Simulation Modeling of Native-Nonnative Trout Interactions
Cox, Lief Geophysical Engineering Finite element modeling and visualization software to design and interpret 3D electrical and electromagnetic surveys
Van Dyne, Michele Computer Science Intelligent Multi-Agent Research Lab

Name Department Details
Downey, Jerome Metallurgy Control of PIC Emissions During Fluid-Bed Combustion of Tire-Derived Fuel
Good, William Biology Life History and Stadia Form of the Mayfly, Ephemerella inermis Eaton
Jaansalu, Kevin Metallurgy Thermodynamic Property Measurement of Metastable Forms of Metallic Elements
Kasinath, Rajendra Environmental Engineering Collodial Apatite nanoparticles with active luminescent and magnetic properties for biotechnology applications
Pedulla, Marisa Biology Mycobacteriophage characterization: morphological, genomic, and protein profiling of viruses isolated by Montana students.

Name Department Details
Alvarado, Arlene Biology Is mate choice in wild deer mice (Peromyscus maniculatus) affected by infection of the male by Sin Nombre virus (SNV)?
Icopini, Gary MBMG Enhancing in situ Biodegradation of Organic Contaminates
McGrath, Steve MBMG Recovery of Copper and Zinc from AMD Treatment Sludges
Tucci, Nicholas MBMG Microbial Characterization of Iron-, Manganese-, and Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria in the Orphan Boy Mine Shaft, Butte, MT
Zhou, Xiaobing Geophysical Engineering Retrieval of Soil Moisture from Space-borne Radar Backscattering Data in Montana

Name Department Details
North-Abbott, Mary Petroleum Engineering Development of the Coalbed Methane (CBM) Petroleum Engineering Research Program at Montana Tech

Name Department Details
Apple, Martha Biology Instrumentation for Field Measurements of Leaf Physiology
Hamon, Matt Professional and Technical Communication Enduring Legacy:  A Portrait of the Basques
Heath, Leo Petroleum Engineering Small Diameter Tubing Design for Wellbore Gas-Water Unloading

Name Department Details
Bardsley, Sally Safety, Health & Industrial Hygiene An Evaluation of the Physiological Effects of Cooling Vests Worn Under Impermeable Clothing During Moderate Work
Conrad, Paul Mining Engineering Investigation of the Potential for Metals Leaching from Coal Ash Disposed in Reclaimed Surface Mines
Kuenzi, Amy Biological Sciences Baseline Studies of Bat Communities in Southwestern Montana
Parker, Steve Chemistry A Study of the Carbon and Oxygen Stable Isotope Fractionation Patterns During Diel Cycling in the Clark Fork River, Montana
Shirk, Henrietta Professional and Technical Communication Proposal to Support the Development of a Usability Testing Lab in the Professional and Technical Communication Department

Name Department Details
Carstarphen, Camela MBMG Conserving and Protecting Montana's Ground Water by Creating K-12 Educational Opportunities for Teachers and Students
Kennelly, Patrick MBMG First Steps Incorporating Geographic Information System (GIS) Technology into Montana's K-12 Earth Science Education Program
Kerschen, Mike MBMG Determine the source of CO2 in the flooded underground mines and Berkeley pit Using 13/C/12C
McIntosh, Allison Nursing Collaboration Between Montana Tech Nursing Department and the Belmont Senior Citizens' Center
Rose, James MBMG Age-Dating Groundwater Recharge in Springs Near Yellowstone Park

Name Department Details
Carstarphen, Camela MBMG Conserving and Protecting Montana's Ground Water by Creating K-12 Educational Opportunities for Teachers and Students
Donovan, Rick General Engineering Rocky Mountain Agile Virtual Enterprises
Jensen, Roger SHIH Signal-word Panel Formats for Workplace Safety Signs
Kennelly, Patrick MBMG First Steps Incorporating Geographic Information System (GIS) Technology into Montana's K-12 Earth Science Education Program
Praetorius, Pete PTC Technical Communications in the Northern Rocky Mountains

Name Department Details
McNearny, Rich Mining Engineering Enhancement of InSAR Imaging Resolution
Olson, John MBMG Using Single Well Tracer Tests to Determine Site Specific Aquifer Hydraulic Conductivity: A New Method to Evaluate Septic Drainfield Impacts

Name Department Details Award
Cross, Carl Metallurgy Development of a Weldability Testing Facility at Montana Tech Awarded
Hanson, Klark MBMG Implementation and Evaluation of Methods for the Rapid and Efficient Speciation of Metals in Sediments Awarded
Hobbs, David Chemistry Chemical Speciation and Molecular Modeling of Aqueous Metal Complexes Awarded

Name Department Details
English, Alan MBMG Source-Rock Determination Using Lead and Strontium Isotope Ratios
Jarvis, James MBMG High Sensitivity Application of Full-scan Gas Chriomatography/Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) Screening Technique for Organic Contaminates near Lewistown, MT
Rutland, John Business and Information Technology Task Relevant Ability and Group Performance
Stierle, Andrea Chemistry Investigation of the Production of Bioactive Metabolites from the Yew-Associated Penicillium sp.

Name Department Details
Gammons, Chris Geological Engineering Hydrothermal Workstation
Keller, Barbara MBMG An Evaluation of Lead and Strontium Isotope Ratios as a Technique for Fingerprinting Southwest Montana Watersheds
Ziaja, Malgorzata Petroleum Engineering Application of an Experimental Technique for Measuring the Reactive Forces at the Bi-Center PDC Bit