2012 Presentations MWTP
2012 Presentations

Mine Design, Operations and Closure Conference

2012 Presentations

Tuesday's Presentations - May 1, 2012

Coal Ash Disposal and New Regulations
Gordon Criswell, PPL Montana

High Volume Mechanically Induced Water Evaporation Methods
Robert Ballantyne, Wilderness Ridge Water Solutions

Using Spreadsheets to Evaluate the Effects of Mine Water Disposal on Surface and Ground Water   
Lisa M. Boettcher CPG, Montana DEQ
Copperwood Project, Michigan
Dave Anderson, Orvana Resources - Copperwood Project
Tintina Resources Inc. High-grade Copper Deposit Update, Montana (this presentation will be available shortly)
Bob Jacko, Tintina Resources
Exploration/Operations—Stillwater Mining, Montana
Brent LaMoure, Stillwater Mining Co.
The Hermosa Project (Arizona) – Challenges and Solutions, from Exploration to Design

Chris Jones, Wildcat Silver
Northern Vertex's Moss Mine Project, NW Arizona
Joe Bardswich, Northern Vertex
Assessment of Bat Occupancy and Activity Levels Using Acoustic and Visual Encounter Surveys and
Mitigating Impacts to Bats

Bryce Maxell, PhD, Montana Natural Heritage Program
White Nose Syndrome:  An Emerging Pathogen Impacting Bats that Hibernate in Abandoned Mines
Kristi DuBois, Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks
Dams without Filters and Responding to Seepage Incidents
Michael Gobla, PE, US Bureau of Reclamation
Environmental Geochemistry of Revett Cu-Ag Deposits, N.W. Montana
Lisa Bithell Kirk, PhD, PG, Enviromin, Inc.

Wednesday's Presentations - May 2, 2012

Twenty-First Century Exploration at the Troy Mine, Northwest Montana
Derek Feeback, Troy Mine, Inc.
Barrick Golden Sunlight Mine – Current and Future Operation
Seth Slatter, Barrick-Golden Sunlight Mine
RX Gold & Silver Inc. – A Golden Future…For A Historic Mine
Matt Jaynes, Drumlummon Gold Corp.
Montana Tunnels Redevelopment:  Part II
John Schaefer, Montana Tunnels Mining, Inc.
Important Improvements in Groundwater Quality & Quantity Resulting from Hydraulic Adit Plug Closure
Method, Glengarry Mine, New World District, Montana
Allan Kirk, Tetra Tech
CERCLA Removal Action at the Rainy Mine, Washington
Bob Lambeth, PE, PG, LHG, Millennium Science & Engineering, Inc.
Revegetation Monitoring at Block P Mill and Tailings Site, Montana
Gant Massey, PhD, Ecological Solutions Group LLC
Azurite Mine (Washington) CERCLA Removal Action: 2011 Construction Overview
Dustin Wasley, PE, Cascade Earth Sciences
Fitness More than Diversity Guides Vegetational Recovery
Rich Prodgers, Bighorn Environmental Sciences
Maiden Rock:  SAFE and Successful Reclamation
Joan Gabelman, BLM
Engineered Pumpable pHoamtm:  A New Innovative Method for Mitigating ARD
Dennis Dunham, PE, Cellular Concrete Solutions, LLC
Benefits to the Mining Industry from Independent Certifications
Marty Stearns, Barrick Gold of North America & Mark Thompson, Barrick-Golden Sunlight Mine
Legal Authorities for Abandoned Mine Reclamation by a Certified State under the Surface
Mining Control and Reclamation Act:  The Montana Program
Tom Root, Montana DEQ


Thursday's Presentations - May 3, 2012

Climate Change/Extreme Conditions:  Do Plans of Operations Need to Include an Ark?
Dave Williams, BLM
Zortman:  Dealing with Extreme Weather Events
Warren McCullough, Montana DEQ; Wayne Jepson, Montana DEQ; & Bill Maehl, Spectrum Engineering
The Path of the Ice Age Floods:  America’s First National Geologic Trail
Jim Shelden, Consultant
Operating the Bunker Hill Central Treatment Plant under Challenging Conditions, Idaho
Mark Reinsel, PhD, PE, Apex Engineering, PLLC
Once Upon a Time in the West:  The History & Legacy of a Western Coal Mining Center, Sand Coulee, Montana
John Koerth, Montana DEQ
Using Stable Isotopes to Track Contamination of the Madison Aquifer from Coal-mine Drainage in the Stockett-Sand Coulee Area, Montana
Chris Gammons, PhD, Montana Tech
Implementing Cradle to Grave GIS Support for Mining Operations
Andrew Gordon, CDM Smith