The Foundation of the Montana True Brand
Brand Promise

The brand promise is what Montana Tech promises to deliver those who align with us. It is a statement that captures the differentiated audience benefit and clarifies what the university ultimately delivers to our target audiences.

Brand Pillars

The brand pillars are how Montana Tech demonstrates what we deliver to stakeholders. The key words and phrases that provide rationale and supporting proof points bring added dimension to the Brand Promise.

Brand Characteristics

The brand characteristics refer to how Montana Tech acts. Every brand has personality, a way of presenting itself to the world. It is a set of human characteristics that define the university' brand's voice, look, and actions in the world.

Editorial Tone

 Montana Tech uses headlines that are engaging and tell a story. Some examples are:

  • Our altitude isn't nearly as breathtaking as our potential.
  • Our mountains are big. Our faculty's reputation is bigger.
  • We've been making STEM cool since before anyone else even knew what it was.
  • Not sure what "ROI" means? Your parents do. It's big.


What makes a Montana Tech photo?

  • The focus is on real students in authentic settings doing real work.
  • Photos tell an authentic story. Our shots are true examples of who our students, faculty, and alumni are and what they do.
  • Photos will have a natural light look and an immediate impression that feels real.
  • Large, dominant images with heavy use of shoot through and shallow depth of field – with subjects compositionally off—set—allows legibility and space for typography.
  • A series of supporting images and captions add specific detail to the individual or profile context to tell a full story or convey a message.
  • Our photos show students and faculty doing real work—in the lab, in the field, on campus, and abroad. We work hard and play hard in all types of environments.

 Photos will highlight our:

  • Montana’s landscape and the area’s natural beauty and outdoor laboratories.
  • Hands-on experiences.


What makes a Montana Tech video?

  • Videos are made in the classroom, in the lab, or in the field showcasing our actual spaces.
  • We film with natural light whenever possible.
  • Our stories are told through the viewpoint of the student and/or faculty.

Videos will showcase our: 

  • Campus, outdoors, adventure, Montana.
  • Diverse campus community.
  • Ground-breaking research.