Mathematical Sciences

At Montana Tech, our mathematical sciences undergraduate curriculum features both pure and applied mathematics. Our teaching certificates in secondary mathematics are offered in a dual program with the University of Montana Western, and our students receive individual attention and work closely with faculty. Students also have many opportunities to travel to national and international conferences and conduct research with faculty members.


The Department of Mathematical Sciences at Montana Tech is home to four bachelor's degrees and three minors, with degree programs which include statistics, applied mathematics, and data science. Students who graduate from our programs enter the workforce career-ready, and go on to do meaningful work.

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$88,190 Salary

The median annual wage for mathematicians and statisticians, Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2021. 

Mathematical Sciences, B.S.

Earn your bachelor's degree in Mathematical Sciences. Mathematics is not only one of the most in-demand area of education, but a degree in mathematical sciences also gives students options for compelling career or graduate opportunities including the federal government or in private science and engineering research companies.

Applied Mathematics, B.S.

Earn a bachelor's degree in applied mathematics and solve problems in a number of scientific, business, and endeavors and industries.

Mathematical Sciences, B.S.

Earn a bachelor's degree in mathematics and focus on theoretical mathematics or statistics.

Mathematical Sciences, Statistics, B.S.

Earn a bachelor's with focus on statistics. Statisticians are vital in fields such as government, banking, and finance.

Data Science, B.S.

The bachelor's program in Data Science prepares you to enter an industry with projected annual growth of 12% per year, much faster than all occupations.

Data Science

This 21-credit minor gives you a good foundation in Data Science.


This 19-credit minor requires courses in Calculus, Statistics, and more.


This 18-credit minor includes courses in Calculus, Statistics, and Data Science.

Mathematics is foundational for most Montana Tech programs
Dr. Hilary Risser explains how mathematics provides a strong foundation for almost all Montana Tech students.
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Career Outcomes

Our graduates go on to work in education, business, industry, and government positions.

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Hilary Smith Risser
Professor and Department Head