Raja Nagisetty Associate Professor


B.Tech. (2000), Sri Venkateswara University, INDIA, Civil (with environmental focus) Engineering
M.Eng. (2002), Anna University, INDIA, Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering
Ph.D. (2009), University of Louisville, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Academic Experience

Montana Tech, Assistant Professor (2014-present)
University of Louisville, Research Project Engineer (2009-2014)<
University of Louisville, Graduate Research Assistant (2005-2008)
Sree Sastha Engr. & Tech., INDIA, Lecturer (2004-2005)
Anna University, INDIA, Technical Assistant (2002-2002)

Non-Academic Experience

Sai Sudheer Infrastructure Ltd, INDIA      Planning Engineer (2002-2004)

Professional Registrations and Licenses

P.E. (2010), Kentucky  (License No. 27357)

Current Membership in Professional Organizations

Montana American Water Resources Association

Honors and Awards: 

2004-2005       Certificate of appreciation-faculty, Sree Sastha Engr. & Tech. Chennai, INDIA

Service Activities

Graduate Council
Curriculum Review Committee
Advising Environmental Engineering senior design teams
Graduate thesis committee chair: Matt Strozewski, William George, Katrina Moreira, Westley Lund, Alison Lund
Graduate thesis committee: Michel Studiner, Charles Shama

Publications and Presentations from the Past Five Years: 

Nagisetty, R. M., , Flynn, K., Uecker, D. 2018.  Modeling dissolved oxygen in effluent and macrophyte rich upper Silver Bow Creek. In preparation.

Nagisetty, R.M., Craig, G., Drury, B. 2018.  Heavy metal characterization and source identification for Grove Gulch in Butte, MT. In preparation.

Nagisetty, R. M., Flynn, K. 2016.  Modeling dissolved oxygen in effluent and macrophyte rich upper Silver Bow Creek. Presented at  MT AWRA 2016 annual conference in Fairmont, MT

Flynn, K., Dolan, L., Dalby, C., Nagisetty, R. 2016. Evaluating climate change impacts on river water quality using mechanistic receiving-water models. Presented at MT AWRA 2016 annual conference in Fairmont, MT.

Nagisetty, R.M., Ball, J., Drury, W. 2015. Assessing the effectiveness of a riverine wetland in processing Nitrogen for Blacktail Creek in Butte, MT. Presented at Montana AWRA conference in Missoula, MT.

Uecker, D., Nagisetty, R.M., Flynn, K. 2015. Application of QUAL2K to a Macrophyte Rich Effluent Dominated Stream. Presented at 2015 AWMA/PNWIS annual conference held in Stevenson, Washington.

Hamblock, S.; Nagisetty, R.M, Ganesan, K.; Drury, B. 2015. Nutrient loading and proposed BMPs for Brown Gulch. Presented at Clark Fork Symposium organized by University of Montana-Missoula, Missoula, MT.  

Nagisetty, R. M.; Rockaway, T. D.; Willing, G. A. 2014. Drinking water quality concerns from chloramine induced elastomeric compounds degradation. Journal AWWA, 106, 9, E402-E40

Professional Development Activities

MT AWRA Conference
ABET fundaments of program assessment workshop (organized by ABET, 2016)