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Dr. Brandon Hunt is an Assistant Professor in the Electrical Engineering department at Montana Technological University. Brandon graduated with his B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from Montana Tech in 2019, and he received his PhD in 2023 from the University of Utah with a dissertation titled “Waveform Designs for Ultra-Reliable High Frequency Communications.” Brandon has authored 5 peer-reviewed papers and given over 10 technical presentations on his research. At the Nordic HF22 conference, he received the Best Paper award for his research showing the FBMC-SS waveform can reduce error rates by over 10x in contested environments over the current military standards.

Brandon is the faculty advisor for the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) student club.

Research Interests

Robust telecommunications, skywave and beyond-line-of-sight transceiver systems, and cognitive radio.

Courses Taught

  • Process Instrumentation and Controls (EELE 320)
  • Circuits II (EELE 203)
  • Telecommunications (EELE 454)


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