Houston Alumni Chapter

Welcome to the Houston Montana Tech Alumni Chapter! We are a brand new chapter just getting started in the Houston area. There has been an informal alumni group in Houston for years, but we are finally making it official. The chapter is driven by a steering committee, and our board is headed by Co-Chairs Heather Binagia '10, Brian Gollehon '10, Treasurer Tim Richards '10, and Secretary Steph Seewald '11.

It is the goal of our Alumni Chapter to help maintain Montana Tech’s tight knit, energetic and rambunctious community right here in Houston, as well as rekindling old relationships, building new ones and providing a vast amount of networking opportunities. We are looking forward to hosting social events for our alumni, as well as spreading the good word about Montana Tech to local students. Houston has a large alumni concentration, and we hope to have high levels of alumni involvement.

We hope that you are as excited as we are to get this chapter off the ground. If you live in Houston, or nearby, or are visiting our city, we would love to have you get involved in our activities! GO DIGGERS!

The Digger Grip It and Rip It Scholarship Golf Tournament

Tournament flyer for the Digger Grip It and Rip It event

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Anna Vo, Houston area alum scholarship recipientMeet Anna Vo, 1st Houston Alumni Chapter Endowed Scholarship Recipient

The purpose of the Houston Alumni Chapter Endowed Scholarship is to send students from the Houston area to Montana Tech to receive a high quality education.

Anna is currently a freshman studying Mechanical Engineering at Montana Tech.

For more information contact Heather Binagia, or Peggy McCoy.