Public Lecture Series

The Montana Tech Public Lecture Series

The Montana Tech Public Lecture Series brings speakers from a wide variety of disciplines to our campus. All lectures begin at 4 p.m. (unless listed otherwise) and are free and open to the public

Spring 2018

January 11

Elliott Barnhart, USGS Bozeman, Hyporheic Microbial Biofilms as Indicators of Heavy and Rare Earth Metals in the Clark Fork Basin, Montana, NRB-128

Wednesday, January 17

Jon Trapp, Red Lodge Fire Rescue, Landscape-Level Effects of Wildfire Changing Fire Behavior in Relation to Climate Change, CBB 102

January 25

Dan Trudnowski, Montana Tech 2017 Lifetime Distinguished Researcher, Electric Power Grid Reliability and Stability—Challenges and Solutions, ELC-202

February 1

Angela des Jardins, Montana, Eclipse Across America: Greatest Public Engagement Effort in Modern History, ELC-202

February 8

Colleen Elliott, MBMG and 2017 Distinguished Researcher, Tripping on the Geology Underfoot, NRB-128

February 15

Erick Greene, University of Montana-Missoula, Osprey and the Clark Fork, CBB-102

Friday, February 16

Fanbin Zeng, Fulbright Scholar from Jinan University, China, The Relationship between Social Media Use and Citizen Participation, CBB-102 at 3 p.m.

February 22

Matt Donnelly, Montana Tech 2017 SME Distinguished Researcher, Energy Storage and Its Impact on Power System Operations, ELC-202

March 1

Luke Buckley, MBMG, Skiing Through Mountains of Data, NRB-128

March 8

Dava Newman, MIT, The Mars Generation: Humanity Becoming Interplanetary from Spaceship Earth to Mars, CBB-101

March 22

Mark Jutila, Montana State University-Bozeman, Studies of Inflammatory and Infectious Diseases of the Gut and Lung, CBB-102

March 27

Richard Schwartz, Brown University, The Mathematics of Slicing and Reassembling, CBB-102

March 29

Brock Tessman, University of Montana-Missoula, Innovation in Undergraduate Honors Education, ELC-202

April 5

Jeff Kovac, University of Tennessee, What is an Ethical Scientist? ELC-202

April 12

Patricia Heiser, Carroll College, Title TBD, NRB-128

April 19

Shelley Lusetti, Café Scientifique, New Mexico State University, Germs or Gems? Understanding Cancer through Bacterial Models, Copper Lounge; 6pm Café 6:30 pm talk

Tuesday, April 24

Robert Megginson, University of Michigan, Native American Mathematics, ELC 202

April 26

TechXpo @ HPER. Come see student projects on display

May 3

Devon Orme, MSU-Bozeman, Forearc Basin Record of Continental Collision in Southern Tibet, NRB-128