Vice Chancellor for Research and Dean of the Graduate School

Angela Lueking previously served as Associate Dean for Research at Missouri S&T, a position she has held since 2018. In this position, she facilitated new research partnerships with external stakeholders, built collaborations across the University, mentors junior faculty, and oversaw the College's research activities for data-driven decision making, strategic direction, and resource allocation. She served as Program Director of Molecular Separations at the National Science Foundation from 2016-2018, including topics in the purification of industrial chemicals, drinking water, and biopharmaceuticals. She was the point person for two disciplinary inter-agency National Academy Studies and led a program to reenergize mid-career faculty. At Penn State for 15 years, she held joint appointments in Energy & Mineral Engineering and Chemical Engineering, and conducted research in hydrogen storage that coupled material development, advanced in situ characterization, and ab initio molecular modeling. She holds patents in the low-pressure synthesis of nanocrystalline diamond and carbon-based hydrogen clathrates. Her accomplishments led to selection as an International Marie Curie Fellowship in 2012, one of twenty-five American scientists to receive this honor. Beyond research, she was co-Principal Investigator on an NSF-funded graduate education and outreach program, and co-authored the 2018 general education textbook "Science of the Earth, Climate and Energy." She holds a BS degree in chemical engineering from the University of Nebraska and from the University of Michigan, dual MS degrees in environmental engineering and chemical engineering, and a Ph.D. in chemical engineering.