Full-time permanent employees, permanent part-time employees (those regularly scheduled to work twenty (20) hours or more per week and seasonal employees to work more than six (6) months in any twelve (12) month period) and temporary employees scheduled to work twenty (20) hours or more per week for six (6) months or more are eligible for coverage under the Montana University System Group Benefits Plan.

All Eligible employees are required to complete a "Choices" benefits enrollment form and return it with their elected coverage within 30 days of hire or date of eligibility even if coverage is waived.

Note-Student employees who occupy positions designated as student positions by a campus are not eligible to join the plan.

If you are eligible, you may also enroll your family for certain benefits under Choices, including medical, dental, vision, life insurance and AD&D coverage. Eligible family members include:

  • Legal spouse, as defined under Montana Law
  • Children under the age of 26 which include your natural children, stepchildren, and children placed in your home for adoption before age 18 for whom you have court-ordered custody or you are the legal guardian.

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