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Petroleum Engineering

Industrial Advisory Board


The Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) is comprised of representatives who are engaged in oil and gas industry and who are Montana Tech alumni or those that have a vested interest in the Petroleum program and Graduates. The board advises the department in curriculum development, student training, community outreach, collaborative opportunities and information transfer. As partners, the IAB and the Petroleum Engineering Department work together continuously to improve the department's relevance and effectiveness.

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Montana Tech - Petroleum Industry Advisory Board
"Sharing Experience"

Kyle Haustveit  (2013) – Devon Energy, Andy McCrea (1982 & Current President) – Aera Energy, Trevor Jones (2002) – Leucrotta Exploration, Keith Simard (2006) – CBW Engineering, Russ Atkins (1984 & Honorary Member), Justin Kegel (2007) – Ballard Petroleum, Kelli Harrington  (2002) – Tervita, Tom Hohn (1974) – Hohn Engineering, Brandon Foster (1999) – K&M Technology, Adam Gollofon  (2000 & Current Vice President), Jeff Pitura (1989 & Honorary Member) – Endurance Technologies