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What happens if I'm injured at work and can't do by job?

After a work related injury your physician may determine that you can return to work in a modified or light-duty position. It is called an early return to work program. This temporary position may be in your home department or it may be elsewhere on campus.

What is a modified or light-duty position?

This is a position that meets the requirements your physician has set for you to heal properly. You will have certain restrictions that you and your supervisor will discuss together. Both of you will determine which parts of your regular job you can still do. If you are unable to do any parts of your regular job then your supervisor will look for other duties within your department. If there are no tasks or duties available then you will be placed in another department.

The Accident Disability Manager will place you in a department that can meet your requirements. You will work with the supervisor in this new department as you would your regular supervisor.

How long will I be in this modified or light-duty position?

It depends how quickly you heal. Only your physician can release you to your regular job. The Accident Disability Manager will work closely with you until you are released.

What if my physician recommends therapy?

Your physician may recommend physical or occupational therapy during this time and you need to attend those sessions. It is to your advantage to make these appointments before or after work. But since they, like the early return to work program, are part of your recovery you will be released from work to attend these appointments.

Do I have to do this?

Yes. The benefits of the early return to work program are faster recovery, staying active and maintaining your regular wages. It also maintains your compliance with workers’ compensation.

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