Montana Tech Believing in Butte Students


Montana Technological University Chancellor Les P. Cook announced the awarding of three Montana Opportunity and 17 Liberty Oil Scholarships. The scholarships were awarded to Butte students pursuing their education at Montana Tech in the fall of 2020. In total, the 20 students will receive over $400,000 in scholarships during their time at Montana Tech. 

Butte High School students Haley Herron and Tyler Steele and Butte Central Catholic High School student John Coyt Stajcar will receive the Montana Opportunity Scholarship. These scholarships are part of Montana Tech's Be the First Initiative made possible through the generous support of Montana Resources and the Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation, along with many local donors. The scholarship helps first-generation Butte students with financial need to realize their educational dreams. This scholarship provides all the costs associated with attending Montana Tech: tuition, fees, room and board, and books. 

herron-web.jpgHaley Herron noted, "Early Wednesday morning, I received the best news of my life. I was informed I was a recipient of the Dennis and Phyliss Washington Scholarship. I was glad I was sitting at the time, because I was overwhelmed with joy! It seemed all my worries melted away in an instant. Writing these words on my laptop, I can hardly express the unmeasurable gratitude that I feel. First and foremost, I would like to thank the Foundation and Montana Resources. Then, I would like to thank my family, teachers, counselors, coaches, classmates and the community for the tremendous help I have received. With this help, my goal and dream of attending Montana Tech are now a reality." 

steele-web.jpgTyler Steele added, “Wednesday is a day I will never forget because it completely changed my life. I received information that I am a recipient of the Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation Scholarship. I was speechless when I heard this. I can't even begin to explain the amount of joy this brought my family and I. With the help from Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation so much of the stress of college has been lifted off my shoulders. In short, I would like to thank the Foundation for providing me with this life-changing opportunity. Additionally, I want to thank all my family, friends, and teachers who all stuck by my side. I would also like to give a huge appreciation to my Counselor, Eric Mankins, because without him none of this would have been possible. This scholarship truly has changed my life, and I am beyond grateful for it.”

 stajcar-web.jpgCoyt Stajcar added, “I would just like to thank God, my parents, my family, and friends, and everyone that has been a part of my journey. I’d like to give a special thanks to Montana Tech and Dennis and Phyllis Washington for the prestigious offer and look forward to my next chapter! I hope to make everyone proud who has believed in me and been by my side throughout this extraordinary experience.” 

"In these trying times, it's refreshing to focus on the future of our community by introducing three more students who will start their career paths at Montana Technological University," said Mike McGivern, Montana Resources Vice President of Human Resources. "This is the third group of students given the MR Opportunity Scholarship. We are honored to work with the high schools, Montana Tech, and the Washington Foundation to be part of this great opportunity to positively affect these young people's lives by providing a world-class education. 

liberty-scholars.jpgThe University, along with Liberty Oilfield Services' Chief Executive Officer & Chairman of the Board Chris Wright and his wife Liz, presented the Liberty Scholarships to the Butte High School students. Liberty Oilfield Services, an innovative service company providing specialized stimulation services to optimize well production, made a 10-year, $40,000/year commitment to Montana Tech to provide opportunities for students with financial need to make their educational dreams a reality. This inaugural cohort of scholars includes Ty Insko, Isabelle Ralph-Puderbaugh, Myles McClernan, Jenna Hodges, Larissa Bento, Cameron LaFond, Hayley Billson, Kyra Bragg, Lucas Kingston, Soraya Casagranda, Ravyn Goodwin, Sydney Doyle, Jenna Sanders, Daniel Kump, Haylee Powers, Kobe Moreno, and Kameron Moreno.

"I'm thrilled to award these scholarships to 20 Butte students," said Chancellor Cook. "We believe in Butte and the youth of our community. I am excited to follow these students’ journeys at Montana Tech. I want to thank the donors who have given so generously to this impactful scholarship and made a significant investment in these individuals. “Montana Resources, the Washington Foundation and Chris and Liz Wright along with Liberty Oil are truly making a difference in the lives of others and our world."

Michael Barth, Executive Director of the Montana Tech Foundation, added, "What a wonderful opportunity to connect donors who are passionate about our young people with this group of students. Much has changed in the last several weeks, but at Montana Tech our work continues as we apply the power of education to transform lives. The Washington Family and Montana Resources have been terrific partners to ensure these students are afforded the opportunity to build their own extraordinary futures. We know that there are always other students we can aid through scholarships and are thrilled that the Wrights have partnered with us to extend the program initiated by the Washington Foundation and MR to help local students and our community." 

"A huge thank you to the Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation, Montana Resources, and Chris and Liz Wright for believing in Butte kids," added Joe McClafferty, President of the Montana Tech Foundation. "These scholarships are providing an incredible opportunity for these students to advance their lives and impact the world for the better. Butte has always been known for its great spirit to succeed. I can't wait to see how this group of outstanding students of promise impact the world."    

For more information on these scholarships or to discuss ways to help local students, please visit Montana Tech Foundation or call 406-496-4233. To learn more about the Butte Endowed Scholarship, please visit