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Purse Strings 2019 a Huge Success


Purse Strings Donation 2019The Women of Montana Tech presented Safe Space with a donation of $36,003.50 on Thursday, January 16, 2020. The funds were raised from the Women of Montana Tech’s Purse Strings purse auction and brunch held in October at the Copper King Hotel. The event brought together around 300 people to support Safe Space of Butte and enjoy time together with family and friends.

The 2019 donation is the largest donation that the Women of Montana Tech have been able to make to Safe Space. In 2019, the group donated $25,000, in 2017 the amount was $22,000, in 2016 the donation was $21,500 and in 2015—the first year for the event—the donation was $12,000.

Cathrine Beaunae, Executive Director of Safe Space of Butte, said, "This is just amazing! The Women of Montana Tech have really outdone themselves with their generosity, dedication, and hard work! We are so appreciative to these wonderful women! We at Safe Space are so grateful for the money raised from this event. It allows us to provide the financial assistance that some of our clients need that is not covered by our grant funding. We are also very grateful to the Butte community and their on-going support of events like Purse Strings.”