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The   Montana   Tech   Public   Lecture   Series

The Montana Tech Public Lecture Series brings speakers from a wide variety of disciplines to our campus. All lectures begin at 4 p.m. and are free and open to the public.


January 14

Jerome De Graff, Cal. State Fresno, Fire, Earth & Rain: Emergency Response for Wildfire-Induced Landslide Hazard, Mineral Museum

January 21

Robert Szilagyi, Montana State University, A Molecular Approach to Clay Materials, CBB-102.

January 28

Steve Parker, Chemistry and Geochemistry, and 2015 Montana Tech Lifetime Distinguished Research Awardee, Seasonal Biogeochemical Dynamics: Georgetown Lake, MT, CBB-102

February 4

Prageeta Sharma, University of Montana, The Western Racial Imaginary: Innovation, Creative Writing, and Race, CBB-102

February 11

Jay Gunderson, MBMG, Starfish in the sundance sea: Jurassic Asteroidea Fossils from South Montana, Mineral Museum

February 18

Matt Vincent, Chief Executive for City-County of Butte-Silver Bow and Former Director of the Clark Fork Watershed Education Program, State of the Environment: An Overview of Butte’s Environmental Standing, CBB-101.

February 25

Jack Skinner, General Engineering & 2015 Distinguished Researcher, Nanotechnology Enabled through Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering, ELC-202

March 3

Grace BullTail, Cornell University, Managing Water Resources and Water Quality: A Tribal Perspective, ELC-202

March 9

R. David Williams, Bureau of Land Management, Butte, Climate Change for Mine Design, Operation and Closure, CBB 102

March 10

Ginette Abdo, 2015 Montana Tech Distinguished Researcher, 100 Years of Artificial Recharge in Montana: Some Challenges of Managing our “Natural” Groundwater Conditions, Mineral Museum

March 24

Micah Schaible,University of Virginia, Radiation Processing of Dust, Asteroids and Moons: Space Weathering and Cosmochemistry, ELC-202

March 31

Telle Whitney, Anita Borg Institute, Taking Risks: Why We Need More Women in Technology and What to Do About It, CBB-101

April 7

Leroy Hood, Café Scientifique, Transforming Healthcare Through Wellness: A Personal View, Butte Brewing Company, 465 East Galena Street, Butte, Montana; Café at 6 p.m.; talk at 6:30 p.m.

April 14

Cheryl Jaworoski independent geologist, Stratigraphy from Borehole Strain, Yellowstone National Park; & Hank Heasler, Utah Water Science Center, USGS, Monitoring Norris Geyser Basin with Thermal IR Remote Sensing, Mineral Museum

April 21

Alexis Billings, University of Montana, Ecology & Evolution of Avian Alarm Call Signaling, CBB-102

April 28

TechXPo @ HPER: Come see student projects on display.

May 12

Debra Hanneman: Whitehall Geogroup, Inc., Sequence Stratigraphy of Southwest Montana, Mineral Museum

Hosted by College of Letters, Sciences, & Professional Studies, School of Mines & Engineering, Highlands College; Biology Department; Research Office; Montana Bureau of Mines & Geology; & Sigma Xi.