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The   Montana   Tech   Public   Lecture   Series

The Montana Tech Public Lecture Series brings speakers from a wide variety of disciplines to our campus. All lectures begin at 4 p.m. unless specifically noted and are free and open to the public.

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January 8

John LaFave, Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology, "Tracking Montana's Groundwater: 20 Years of Lessons Learned."

January 15

Tim Manley, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks, "Wildest Grizzly in Your Back Yard." CBB-102.

January 22

Charles Monroe, University of Alabama-Birmingham, "Opportunities in Materials Processing: Metal Casting." ELC 202.

January 29

Allen Sessoms, AASCU, "Physics and Science Policy Implications of Reduction of the U.S. Nuclear Weapons Arsonal." ELC-202.

February 5

Randy Babbitt, Montana State University, "Optical Crystals versus Supercomputers: The Future of Signal Processing." ELC-202.

February 12

Travis McLing, Idaho National Laboratory, "Carbon Sequestration in the Kevin Dome, Nothern Montana." NRB-128.

February 19

Carrie Vath, Montana Tech Academic Center for Excellence Director, "Social and economic dimensions of the bushmeat trade in Southeast Nigeria." CBB-102.

February 25

Martin Karplus, Harvard, Strasbourg, & 2013 Chemistry Nobel Laureate, "Motion: The Hallmark of Life From Masupials to Molecules."

March 5

Elizabeth Meredith, MBMG Billing, "Effects of Coalbed Methane Production on Stream Flow." NRB-128.

March 12

Dan Ervin, University of California Santa Barbara, "Applications of Stable Isotope Ratio Analysis for Social Science Research." CBB-102.

March 26

Robert Pal, Marie Curie Fellow, European Union, "Are native and non-native populations of an invasive plant really different?" CBB-102.

April 2

Peggy Delaney, Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology, "Archiving Montana's Geologic Data." NRB-128.

April 9

Vedran Lekic, Earthscope, "Imaging Tectonic Plates - Structure and Deformation of North America." NRB-128.

April 16

Katie Hailer, Montana Tech Chemistry, "Human Exposure Assessment down-wind of an active open-pit copper and molybdenum mine in Butte, MT."

April 16

Corby Anderson, Colorado School of Mines, "Arsenic Hydrometallurgy: Fundamentals, Technology and Applications." 2 p.m. in ELC 202.

April 23

William Phillips, NIST Gaithersburg & 1997 Physics Nobel Laureate, "Time, Einstein, and the Coolest Stuff in the Universe." Library Auditorium.

May 7

Aaron Thomas, University of Montana, "Research, STEM Education, and Native American Programs in Montana." ELC-202.

Sponsored by the School of Mines & Engineering; College of Letters, Sciences, & Professional Studies; Highlands College; Biology Department; Research Office; Montana Bureau of Mines & Geology; & Sigma Xi.