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The   Montana   Tech   Public   Lecture   Series

4 p.m. Thursdays. Location as Indicated. The public is welcome. Refreshments following.

A downloadable/printable schedule is available here.

January 9

Ed Heffern, BLM Wyoming (ret.) – "Good Coal Gone Bad: Clinker from ancient coal fires in Powder River Basin, Montana & Wyoming" – NRB-128

January 16

Steve Ditchkoff, Auburn Univ. School of Forestry & Wildlife Sciences – "The Ecology of Feral Hogs" – CBB 102

January 23

Nathan Lance, FWP Wolf Specialist – "Wolf Management in Montana" – CBB-102

January 30

Diandra Leslie-Pelecky, Sigma Xi Speaker – "The Science of Speed: Why Driving Fast isn't as Easy as you Think" – MG-204

February 4

Ali Fu Jiang "Oliver" Haimiti, Michigan State University. "Caucasian, Muslim, and Chinese: Uyghur Culture in Contemporary China" – CBB 101

February 6

"Café Scientifique: David Quammen – "Spillover: The Animal Origins of Human Disease" – 6 pm. Mining City Center, 400 West Park St, Butte.

February 13

Stephanie Ewing, Land Resources & Environmental Science, MSU – "Nitrate in Soils & Groundwater in the Judith River Watershed" – NRB-128

February 20

Suzan Gazioglu, Montana Tech Mathematical Sciences & 2013 Distinguished Researcher Awardee – "Tackling Steady-State Constraint in Sensitivity Analysis of Compartmental Models" – CBB-102

February 27

Richard Douglass, Montana Tech University – "Lessons from Two Decades of Hanta Virus Research" – CBB 102

March 6

Karen Sorensen, Montana Tech Prof. & Technical Comm. – "Science and Science Fiction: Cosmos and the Creation of a Science Mythos" – CBB-101

March 13

Bob Bergantino & Ginette Abdo, MBMG – "Geology of the Lewis & Clark Expedition" – NRB-128

March 27

Brent Lonner, FWP Biologist for Freeze Out Lake – "Management of snow goose migration in Montana" – CBB 102

April 1

Alberto Malinverno, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University – "Gas Hydrates" – Location TBA

April 3

Laura Green, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign – "High-Temperature Superconductivity: Taming Serendipity" – Location TBA

April 10

Mickey Gunter, Univ. Idaho. – "Mineral inhalation and health concerns from asbestos to zeolites" at 4 p.m. on April 10 in NRB Room 128. Gunter will also present "Geologic, mineralogical, and policy lessons learned from over a decade of 'issues' associated with a former vermiculite mine near Libby, Montana" – Mining & Geology Building Room 204.

April 17

Ken Ridgway, Purdue University – "Earth Science and Communities: Great Earthquakes to Wild Rice"  MG-204

April 24

Richard A. Prodgers, Plant Ecologist, Bighorn Environmental Sciences – "Revegetation and Bird Trends, Silver Bow Creek Superfund Remediation and Restoration" – CBB-102

May 1

Charles Peterson, Idaho State University – "Spatial Ecology of the Great Basin Rattlesnake on the Snake River Plain" – CBB-102

May 8

Reed Lewis, Idaho Geological Survey – "The Great Falls Tectonic Zone: A Perspective from Idaho" – NRB-128

Sponsored by the School of Mines & Engineering, College of Letters, Sciences, & Professional Studies, Highlands College, Biology Department, Research Office, Montana Bureau of Mines & Geology, & Sigma Xi.