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Graduate Programs at Montana Tech

Thesis Options:

  • A - requires a thesis or publishable paper approved by the students graduate committee
  • B - does not require a thesis or publishable paper
  • C - is a certificate program

Degrees and Options:

Program Concentration Thesis
Master's Program
Electrical Engineering A, B Yes
Environmental Engineering A, B Yes
General Engineering Civil Engineering A, B Yes
Mechanical Engineering A, B Yes
Welding Engineering A, B Yes
Geosciences Geochemistry A, B Yes
Geological Engineering A, B Yes
Geology A, B Yes
Geophysical Engineering A, B Yes
Hydrogeological Engineering A, B Yes
Hydrogeology A, B Yes
Industrial Hygiene A Yes
Industrial Hygiene -- Professional Track B Yes
Metallurgical / Mineral Processing Metallurgical Engineering A, B Yes
Mineral Processing Engineering A, B Yes
Mining Engineering A, B Yes
Petroleum Engineering A, B
Technical Communication A, B Yes
Health Care Informatics C Yes
Project Engineering &
B Yes
Interdisciplinary Master
of Science (IMS)
A, B
Restoration Certificate C
Computational Science Certificate C

Program Collaborating Institutions
Materials Science Ph.D. Montana State University, University of Montana
Individualized Interdisciplinary
Ph.D. (IIP)
University of Montana