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Geological Engineering

Dr. Mary MacLaughlin

Phone: (406) 496-4655
Location: MG 213 B

Department Overview

A Masters of Science with an "Option in Geological Engineering" requires that the student have an engineering background and allows specialization in several areas of Geological Engineering. Students in related non-engineering fields who have a strong background in mathematics and physics may be admitted to the option on a provisional basis. At a minimum, such students must successfully complete undergraduate-level engineering coursework in statics, mechanics of materials, geomechanics, and engineering economy.

The final examination for thesis and publishable paper-option students will consist of an oral presentation and defense of thesis or paper. Questions may be asked on any topic related to the thesis/paper or course work taken as part of the graduate program. The presentation will be open to all interested parties, but the defense will be open only to the student’s graduate committee.

The final examination for non-thesis option students will consist of a written and/or oral examination formulated by the student’s graduate committee. The oral examination will draw questions from the written examination plus any course work undertaken as part of the graduate program.

Students who are not already certified as an Engineer-In-Training are required to take the national Fundamentals of Engineering examination.

Admission Requirements:    BS in Geological, Mining, Geophysical, or Civil Engineering
  • A: Thesis (default) or Publishable Paper with approval of Department
  • B: Non-Thesis
  • TC 5160 Graduate Writing Seminar
Seminar Requirements:
  • ENGR 5940 Engineering Seminar (1)
Course Requirements:

Thesis: 30 credits, minimum of 15 at 500 level, remainder at 400 level; Non-thesis: 36 credits, minimum of 18 at 500 level, remainder at 400 level. Course schedule is determined in cooperation with Faculty advisor.

Course Offerings:

Course No. Course Title
GEOE 403 Structural Geology for Engineers
GEOE 406 Geomorphology Photogeology
GEOE 409 Field Geology & Geophysics
GEOE 410 Mining Geology
GEOE 411 Metallic Ore Deposits
GEOE 420 Hydrogeology for Engineers
GEOE 422 Groundwater Flow Modeling
GEOE 429 Field Hydrogeology
GEOE 440 Engineering Geology
GEOE 457 Subsurface Methods in Petroleum Geology
GEOE 491 Special Topics
GEOE 498 Internship
GEOE 499W Geological Engineering Design Project
GEOE 501 Montana Geologyy
GEOE 520 Advanced Hydrogeology
GEOE 528 Contaminant Transport
GEOE 531 Acid-Rock Drainage
GEOE 532 Geochemical Modeling
GEOE 533 Hydro-geochemistry
GEOE 534 Isotope Geochemistry
GEOE 540 Applied Statistics & Experimental Design
GEOE 541 Advanced Engineering Geology
GEOE 542 Slope Stability Analysis & Design
GEOE 590W Graduate Research or Design Project
GEOE 591 Special Topics
GEOE 599W Thesis Research/td>