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Dan Trudenowski

Electrical Engineering

Dr. Dan Trudnowski

Phone: (406) 496-4681
Location: Main 207

Department Overview

A Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering provides outstanding career opportunities.  Montana Tech’s program offers graduate courses and research projects in the areas of electric energy and power, automation and control systems, signal processing, and instrumentation. Other areas of emphasis may be tailored to the students' needs.

Montana Tech’s Electrical Engineering faculty have an excellent track record in attracting industry and government funded research projects.  The projects provide students the opportunity to solve many challenging real-life engineering problems. Recent funded graduate research projects include:

  • Development of a battery diagnostic instrumentation system for NASA for next-generation hybrid and electric vehicles. Several students worked closely with researchers from the Idaho National Laboratory.
  • Development of blade pitching control algorithms to improve the efficiency of wind turbines. Many of the concepts are now used in industry.
  • Researching new control schemes for improving performance and preventing blackouts in large power grids. Students work closely with other universities, industry, and researchers from the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
  • Working with researchers at the Idaho National Laboratory, students are designing and implementing an instrumentation and control system for mine-waste remediation.


All students are required to successfully complete the following courses:

Course No. Course Title Credits
TC 5150 or 5160 Graduate Writing Seminar 1
ENGR 5380 Advanced Signals and Systems 3
ENGR 5940 Engineering Seminar 1

In addition, all students must select at least six credits from the following:

Course No. Course Title Credits
ENGR 5220 Engineering Optimization 3
ENGR 5270 Embedded Controllers 3
ENGR 5370 Random Signals 3
ENGR 5400 Discrete-Time Control Systems 3
ENGR 5410 Advanced Control Systems 3
ENGR 5550 Power Sys. Dynamics & Control 3
Other grad level Electrical Eng Variable

Remaining credits are selected as approved by the graduate committee.