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Dissertation Submission Procedure

Graduate Students must have their dissertations submitted, copied and bound, they be processed and approved by Trisha Southergill, Grant Support and E-Thesis Manager, MUS 306.

The following steps will ensure that Graduate Students successfully finish all dissertation requirements for graduation within all required deadlines.

  1. Write the thesis by downloading and using the dissertation template.
  2. Check the dissertation formatting.
    • Contact Trisha Southergill to check on format and dissertation requirements prior to defense.
  3. Defend the dissertation.
    • Have committee sign off on the Signature Page.
  4. Finish the dissertation
    • Make all changes required by committee.
    • Make all changes required by Trisha Southergill.
  5. Complete the Graduate School Forms with all required signatures.
    • Dissertation Signature Page Form
    • Dissertation Authorization Form
    • Grad School Check-out Form
    • Graduate Student Product Publication Agreement
  6. Send all required information to Trisha Southergill or bring in person to MUS 306.
    • Digital copy of the dissertation in MS Word format.
    • Completed Graduate School Forms.
    • Supplemental materials in digital format (if applicable).
  7. A final review will be performed before PDF conversion and upload to the publication web portal.
  8. Copies of dissertation will be ordered per Dissertation Authorization Form.
    • Binding/copy fees charged using Montana Tech ProCard.
    • The Graduate School pays for four (4) copies of the bound dissertation (1 – Library archival copy, 1 – program director, 1 – advisor, and 1 – student copy).
    • Students desiring additional copies of the bound dissertation can order copies directly from ProQuest. An email will be sent to the student after the dissertation is submitted with an URL for ordering.
    • Bound copies mailed to Tech within 3-4 months, then distributed to the department and student.
    • Make sure and leave contact information with Trisha Southergill.

If you have questions or concerns regarding this process please contact Trisha Southergill, MUS 306.