How To Apply


An evaluation of transfer credit will be performed for any student who has previously acquired college level credit and wishes to pursue a degree at Montana Tech. The official evaluation will be provided once all official transcripts have been received, the student’s application for admission is complete, and the student has been admitted.

If all college-level transcripts are on file in the Enrollment Services Office 30 days before the semester begins, an evaluation will be completed and notification will be sent to the student within 10 working days. An official transfer evaluation for transcripts received less than 30 days before the semester begins is not guaranteed before the first day of class. However, every effort will be made to provide an unofficial review allowing new students to enroll.

The Enrollment Services Office, in conjunction with the appropriate academic department, will review all eligible course work for transferability and will determine the applicability of transfer credit to specific degree program requirements. A grade of “C-“ or better is required for acceptance of credit.

Students planning to transfer to Montana Tech are strongly urged to consult with a Montana Tech Transcript Evaluator as far in advance as possible to ensure that the courses they take elsewhere will satisfy course prerequisites and degree requirements at Montana Tech. Depending on evaluator availability, a preliminary evaluation of coursework may be completed to help you determine if transferring to Montana Tech is a viable option. Please keep in mind that priority of the evaluator’s time will always be given to those with complete application files.

Credit Requirements

Students intending to transfer to Montana Tech are not required to complete their general education courses prior to transferring, nor is there a minimum credit requirement for admission. However, Montana Tech’s graduation requirements state:

Associate of Science Degree
“At least 30 semester credits must be earned at Highlands College and the student must be enrolled during the year in which the degree is awarded.”

Bachelor of Science Degree
“At least 50% of the student’s upper division credits (300/400 level classes) must be completed through Montana Tech, including any Senior Design/Capstone coursework required for the degree.”

Montana University System Transfer Students

As required by the Montana University System (MUS) Board of Regents, Montana Tech adheres to the MUS transfer credit policy, including common-course numbering, and ensures that equivalent courses taken at any MUS campus with the same title, number, and prefix will be accepted in transfer as if they had been taken on Montana Tech’s campus.