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Aerospace  Welding  Technology

student performing an aerospace weld

The Aerospace Welding Program at Highlands College prepares students to quickly enter the workforce with the program's industry partner Montana Precision Products, which is actively hiring aerospace welders to achieve a significant growth plan in place at the Butte-based business.

Program completion results in a Certificate of Applied Science Degree in Aerospace Welding.

The Aerospace Welding Program focuses entirely on Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW or TIG) of thin wall stainless steel and Iconel. The coursework and training caters to students of all abilities, from those with no welding experience at all to experienced welders looking to fine tune their skills to pass the weld assessment at Montana Precision Products.

Course Descriptions

Detailed program information and curriculum worksheets are available on the academic catalog aerospace welding page.

Precision Gas Tungsten Arc Welding

This course will cover beginning Gas Tungsten Arc Welding through advanced welding techniques, all necessary weld tests required for certification in an aerospace welding facility, visual inspection of welds, precision aerospace fabrication, fixture care and usage, as well as filler metal identification and storage. Upon successful completion a student should be able to quickly and easily become certified in an aerospace welding facility and have a good working knowledge of specialized shop practices and fabrication methods. Students will learn lean manufacturing ideas and how to manufacture parts safely and efficiently. 9 credits, 2 hours lecture, 14 hours lab.

Lab Safety

Students will learn why safety takes precedence over all other demands and requirements in the workplace. This class will cover proper PPE, safe usage of shop equipment and weekly safety topics. Students will also learn proper inspection of equipment before use and preventative maintenance. 1 credit, 1 hour lecture.

Quality Control, Blueprint Reading, and Precision Measurement

Students will learn the importance of quality control in the workplace. They will learn the dangers of foreign object debris (FOD) in final products and how to maintain strict quality standards. Students will learn the different quality certifications commonly seen in high end manufacturing shops and how to maintain an audit ready shop. This course covers the basics for understanding the reading of blueprints and shop drawings. The use of AWS welding symbols for blueprint reading is also covered. 4 credits, 4 hours lecture.

Weld Visual Inspection

In this course students will learn what a conforming weld looks like and how to inspect parts to ensure the welds are conforming. Students will learn the importance of high quality welds and how thorough visual inspection can save hours of rework time. 1 credit, 1 hour lecture.

WRIT095 Developmental Writing

Course provides instruction and practice in basic writing skills, emphasizes paragraph development and organization, and reviews sentence structure, word choice, and spelling. Assignments include short pieces, journals, and essays. Mastery of the basics of grammar and mechanics is assumed. Prepares students for College Writing I (WRIT 101). Incoming students not meeting the minimum passing score on placement test are required to enroll in and successfully complete WRIT 095 prior to enrolling in WRIT 101. 3 credits, 3 hours lecture.

M111 Technical Mathematics

This course presents basic mathematical topics as they are applied in a technical program. Topics covered include percent, ratio proportion, formula evaluation, basic algebra and geometry concepts, trigonometry and measurement are developed and integrated in a technical. 3 credits, 3 hours lecture.

M090 Introductory Algebra

Brief review of fractions and decimals. Beginning algebra concepts including the real number system, algebraic expressions, linear equations, exponents and polynomials, the rectangular coordinate system, and simple factoring. Also, basic geometry, measurement, and problem solving with applications for technical and business fields. 4 credits, 4 hours lecture.


Students wishing to do so may complete an internship at Montana Precision Products. They will have an even more in depth look into the world of aerospace manufacturing. Students participating in this internship will experience firsthand the exacting standards required in the aerospace industry and will have an opportunity to become fully certified welders for MPP before receiving their certificate. 1 credit.

Tuition & Gainful Employment

Please visit the Highlands College admissions page for current tuition information.

Federal law requires institutions to report information about students who enrolled in Title IV eligible educational programs that lead to gainful employment in recognized occupations (GE programs). Highlands College is currently in the process of making Aerospace Welding Technology a Title IV eligible program. If approved, it will be a GE program. Therefore, the gainful employment data is being reported for this program.

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