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Technical Communication

Pat Munday, PhD

Phone: (406) 496-4461
Location: ENG 209A

Department Overview

Students in Technical Communication plan, develop, and complete technical communication projects in one or more fields of science and technology. This program is practice-oriented, emphasizing a problem-solving approach that empowers people in many disciplines to communicate more effectively. Candidates are expected to bridge the complex and isolated worlds of scientific and technical specialties. Through effective communication strategies, candidates will help to make those worlds more comprehensible.

In addition to the Graduate School requirements, applicants to the Master's in Technical Communication are required to respond to the following: MSTC Supplemental Materials.

Career Opportunities

As one of the fastest growing fields in the world, Technical Communication prepares students for unparalleled lifetime career opportunities. It's simple: the combination of technical know-how and sophisticated communication skills adds up to great job potential!

  • Technical Writing
  • Multimedia Presentations
  • Information Management
  • Internet Publishing
  • Technical Project Coordination
  • International Communication
  • Technical Editing
  • Document Design
  • Electronic Marketing
  • Proposal and Grant Development
  • Still and Moving Image Production


Course No. Course Title Credits
TC 5016 Professional Presentations 1
TC 5376 Ethics Proseminar 1
TC 5476 Print Production 3
TC 5506 Intercultural Communication 3
TC 5616 Research Methods (required during 1st semester of study) 3
TC 5946 Graduate Seminar (taken twice) 2
TC 5996 Thesis/Graduate Project 6
TC 5956 Technical Writing and Editing 3
TC 5486 Multimedia Production 3
TC 5416 Rhetorical Theories & Professional Communication 3
Elective see e.g. TC 5426 and TC 5206  3
Total Required Credits   31