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September 2017,  Dr. Suzan Gazioglu served on the Program Committee for the 2017 World Education Day Conference in Dalian-China, and presented an invited talk titled "Techniques and Tools for Teaching Statistics Online." Dr. Gazioglu also co-chaired the Online education, Smart Education and Distance Education Forum at the conference.

April 2016, Dr. Suzan Gazioglu co-authored a peer-reviewed article with Professor E. M. Scott of the University of Glasgow-UK. The article “An important source of uncertainty: Modeller” appeared in the Journal of Selcuk University Natural and Applied Sciences, Vol. 5, No. 1, pages: 8-17.

May 2014 Dr. Suzan Gazioglu served on the Organizing and Scientific Committees for the 9th International Statistics Days Symposium in Antalya-Turkey, and presented a talk titled "Applicability of Sensitivity Analysis Methods to Compartmental Models with Steady-State Constraint." Dr. Gazioglu also chaired the Environmental Statistics session.

March 2014, Dr. Suzan Gazioglu published a peer-reviewed article titled "Visualizing and Inspecting Sensitivities in Large Models Using Dot Charts and Star Plots, with Application to Compartmental Models" in the Journal of Statistics: Advances in Theory and Applications, Vol. 11, No. 1, pages: 1-30.

March 2014, Dr. Suzan Gazioglu attented the 2014 XLi (Extended Learning Institute-MUS) Conference in Butte, Montana (March 27-28,  2014) and presented a talk entitled "Intergrating SMART Podium into Online Teaching."

February 2014, Dr. Suzan Gazioglu gave a lecture presentation titled "Tackling Steady-State Constraint in Sensitivity Analysis of Compartmental Models" at the 2014 Montana Tech Public Lecture Series.

November 2013, Dr. Suzan Gazioglu co-authored a paper with J. Wei (Beijing Novartis Pharma Co. Ltd.), E. M. Jennings, and R. J. Carroll (Texas A&M University).  The paper titled “A Note on Penalized Regression Spline Estimation in the Secondary Analysis of Case-Control Data” appeared in Statistics in Biosciences, Vol. 5, Issue 2, pages: 250-260.

Summer 2013, Dr. Suzan Gazioglu published a paper titled “Online course design: a statistics course example” in the journal of Teaching Statistics, Vol. 35, No. 2 pages: 98-102.

June 2013, Dr. Suzan Gazioglu taught a day-long, hands-on, Statistics refresher course for the professional and management staff at Hecla Greens Creek Mining Company in Juneau, Alaska.

April 2013, Congratulations to Dr. Suzan Gazioglu on receiving the "2013 Distinguished Researcher Award".

April 2013, Congratulations to Dr. Richard Rossi on receiving the "2013 Lifetime Distinguished Researcher Award".

March 2013,  Dr. Suzan Gazioglu presented at the 25th Annual International Conference in Collegiate Mathematics in Boston, Massachusetts, March 21-24, 2013 "Using SMART Podium to teach Statistics Online".

March 2013,  Congratulations to Dr. Suzan Gazioglu, Associate Professor, Mathematical Sciences a recipient of the Montana Tech Faculty Merit Awards.

May 2012,  Dr. Suzan Gazioglu published a paper titled “Studying discrepancies in compartmental Models” in the journal of Advanced Studies in Contemporary Mathematics (Kyungshang), 2012, Vol. 22, No. 2 pages: 249-290

November 2011, Dr. Suzan Gazioglu and Professor E.M. Scott (University of Glasgow, U.K.) published an article in a peer reviewed journal. The article is titled "Sensitivity Analysis of linear time-invariant compartmental models with steady-state constraint" in the Journal of Applied Statistics, Vol. 38, No. 11, November 2011, pages: 2485-2509.

July 2011, Dr. Suzan Gazioglu presented at the 24th International Conference of Jangjeon Mathematical Society, July 20-23, in Konya/Turkey. Suzan presented two talks titled: "Studing Discrepancies in Compartmental Models" and "Online Course Design: A Statistics Course Example" Dr. Gazioglu also chaired the Statistics session. Conference of Jangjeon Mathematical Society 

March 2009, Dr. Suzan Gazioglu presents at the International Conference on Technology in Collegiate Mathematics in New Orleans, Louisiana. The title of Dr. Gazioglu's talk was "Teaching Statistics Online".

April 2008, Congratulations to Dr. Suzan Gazioglu on her promotion from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor.

April 2008, Dr. Chip Todd wins the Rose and Anna Busch Faculty Achievement Award for the 2007-08 year.

November 2007, Math Department Newsletter

May 2007, Dr. Chip Todd has been promoted from Associate Professor to Full Professor. Congratulations!

January 2007, Eight math majors, Haley Doleshal, Brittany Deffinbaugh, Chris Linhart, Scott LaForest, Gregg Fedders, Chris Dienes, Kristen Anderson, and Erin Esp, and faculty Rick Rossi and Susan Walker, attended the Joint American Mathematics Society and Mathematics Association of America Annual Meetings in New Orleans. Rick Rossi and Erin Esp presented a poster titled "Fitting Misture Models to Madison River Obsidian Glass Flake Rind Thicknesses" at the meetings.