2018 Winners

Best in Show

From General Engineering

Additive Manufacturing with Recycled Polymer Materials
Emily Kooistra‐Manning

Biological Sciences

Booth: Three‐Dimensional Physiological Model for In‐vitro Biomaterials Research
Sowmya Sudhakar
Poster: Phage Discovery and Bioinformatics
Riley Hellinger, Hannah Sparks

Business & Information Technology

Poster: Transition from SAP Legacy Systems
Erik Mason


Booth: Laboratory Exploring Geobiochemical Engineering and Natural Dynamics (LEGEND)
Isaiah Robertson, Shanna Law, Jordan Foster, Johnathan Feldman, James Foltz, Cynthia Cree,
Mallory Nelson
Poster: Modeling Water‐Rock Interactions: Towards Deciphering Microbial Influences in Hot Springs
Shanna Law

Civil Engineering

Poster: Heavy Civil Team
Kendra Jackson, Mike Williams, Nic Amestoy, Ashley Johnson, Andy Anderson, Jason Vesco
Computer Science/Software Engineering
Booth: Food, Resources, Expenses, & Distribution (FRED)
Kodi Neumiller, Omar Alenezi

Electrical Engineering

Poster: Underground Mine Education Center (UMEC) Distribution System Project
Jonathan Parisi, Dmitry Trubachenkov, William Lyden
Booth: Nucor PLC Trainer Senior Design Project
Dan Morris, Jacob Eisenbarth

Environmental Engineering

Booth: Digger Denitrification
Brett Jonson, Emma Rott, Nels Thorsrud, Tylar Holden
Poster: Fabrication of Anti‐biofouling Membranes using Food‐safe Biopolymers
Augustina Kwesie‐Osabutey

General Engineering

Booth: Hybrid Coaxial Electrospinning for Drug Delivery Applications
Emily Kooistra‐Manning, Lane Huston
Poster: Optimization of Backyard Systems for Highly Mobile Land Rigs
Cole Carpenter

Geological Engineering

Poster: An Evaluation of the Frictional Behavior of Seismically Loaded Fractured Rock
Brent Sordo, Sara Magallon

Geophysical Engineering

Poster: Mapping of Bedrock Topography and the Continental Fault located at Wagner Nursery &
Landscape Co. in Butte, Montana, using Geophysical Methods
Christopher Smith, Scott Schmitt
Booth: Off‐the‐shelf Data Acquisition
Brianna Clark, Jacob Clarke, Richard Lee, Shane Namie, Joe Natale, Kabree Nichols, Scott
Schmitt, Andrew Wilson, Ngoc Ha

Geosciences ‐ MS

Poster: Experimental Investigation of Low Temperature Hydrothermal Copper, Nickel, and Cobalt
Arsenide and Sulfide Ore Formation
Nicholas Allin


Poster: Higher Education
Audra Steinhauer
Carpentry Technology
Booth: Modular Flag Stands
Dan Milmine, Jase Galt, Kade Woodhall, Tim Kitchel, Nate Korb

Industrial Hygiene

Poster: Noise Exposures and Hearing Protector Use at Modern Logging Operations
Shawn McLain

Materials Science PhD

Poster: Hollow Electrospun Mn2O3 Nanofibers for Supercapacitor Applications
Molly Brockway
Booth: Hybrid Perovskite Quantum Dots for Optoelectronic Applications
John Murphy

Mathematical Sciences

Poster: Efficient Searches for Primes in Cryptography
Payson Lippert

Mechanical Engineering

Poster: Large Composite Curing Oven
Sean Sullivan, Marshall Metcalf, Brianna Clark
Booth: Custom Ski Design and Manufacture
Andrew Epperson

Metallurgical & Materials Engineering

Booth: Thiosulfate Leaching of Refractory Gold Ore
Noah Davis, Zach Hellegaard, John Carlson, Bret Stewart
Poster: Measurement of the Effect of Pressure on Froth Flotation using Electrical Resistance
Luke McCulloch, Jake Bentley

Mining Engineering

Poster: Block Model Validation and Ore Reconciliation through the Mine Value Chain
Bryan Nielson
Occupational Safety & Health
Poster: Ambient and Indoor PM2.5 Air Quality during Wildfire Season
James Hollopeter

Petroleum Engineering

Poster: Eagle Ford Development Strategy
Tyler Onstott, Sean Sayers, Ryan McCartney, David Hernandez, Dan Milavec

Professional & Technical Communications

Poster: Using Visual Rhetoric and Semiotics Theory to Create a Branding Package
Alexandra Doty‐Terry
Booth: Applying User Centered Design Principles to Deliver Surface Water Data to Diverse Audiences
Luke Buckley

Highlands College


Poster: Prosocial Behavior: Analysis of Ted Talk Viewers' Learning ‐ Empathy in the College Classroom
Robert Shelton