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URP Budget and Reimbursement

For help planning your budget, please work with your mentor. Any questions regarding the budget can be sent to urp@mtech.edu.

Purchasing Supplies

Supplies may be purchased with the help of your mentor. Original receipts must be turned in to accounts payable with copies to the Undergraduate Research Program in the Research Office (MUS 211).

Specific Instructions for different types of purchases


Travel plans should be initiated very early. Paperwork must be completed for driving Tech vehicles, and a Travel Authorization Form (PDF) must be completed, signed, and turned in to the Research Office (MUS 211) before travel occurs.

When a Tech vehicle is used, the appropriate budget code should be indicated on the vehicle checkout card when the vehicle is returned.

After travel is finished, a Travel Expense Voucher Form (Excel) must be completed, signed and turned in to the Research Office. The travel reimbursement will then be processed. A W-9 Form is required to receive a reimbursement check.

Campus Vehicle Tables
Vehicle Type Cost Per Mile Minimum Mileage
Pick Up Trucks $0.56 $21.52
15 Passenger Buses $0.75 $19.45
SUV's $0.53 $21.52
Sedans $0.39 $31.09
7 Passenger Vans $0.53 $21.52

Offense Fine
Keys Not Returned $10.00
Gas Tank Not Filled $10.00
Trip Card Not Filled Out $10.00
Minimum Daily Charge $12.00
Minimum Weekly Charge $75.00
Vehicle Not Returned to Lot $25.00
Failure to Cancel Registration $10.00
Towing Charge $175.00
Rent on Vehicle $75.00
Cleaning Charge $10.00
Minimum Two Week Charge $150.00
Minimum Three Week Charge $225.00
Minimum Four Week Charge $300.00
Pick up and Return Two Vans $90.00
Damage to Vehicle $250.00


W-9 Form [PDF]

Travel Authorization Form [Excel]

Travel Expense Voucher Form [Excel]

The W-9 and Travel forms are required by participants who plan to travel as part of their research project or to present results of the project. The Travel Authorization Form is completed prior to travel; the Travel Expense Voucher is completed after travel is complete.