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The Research Office is committed to providing guidance and training to the Montana Tech community on federal, state, and university policies and regulations for sponsored programs research. Through this training we will improve research administration service to faculty and increase assurance of compliance with state, federal and university policies and procedures.

Workshops Offered:

  • Principal Investigator
  • Responsible Conduct of Research Workshop
  • Institutional Review Board Orientation. Required training is online [link]
  • Award Management

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Principal Investigator Training

Montana Board of Regents Policy 401.C requires Montana University System (MUS) institutions to implement mandatory training for MUS employees seeking sponsored programs funding. Areas that must be covered are pre- and post-award grant management, intellectual property, and regulatory compliance (including: conflict of interest and responsible research.)

Because of this policy, Montana Tech requires that all faculty or staff who anticipate submitting applications for a grant, contract, or cooperative agreement as a PI or co-PI must complete PI training prior to the funding request submission.

PI training is offered at the beginning of both fall and spring semesters. For questions on PI training contact the Research office, 406-496-4102.

Principal Investigator Training Presentation

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Responsible Conduct of Research Training

Students who will participate in research at Montana Tech are required to take the RCR training prior to participating in research activities. Faculty and staff who will be mentoring student research must also have the training. RCR training must be refreshed every 4 years.

RCR training is offered at the beginning of each term, including summer. By request, the Research Office could provide RCR training for any class, if needed. For questions on RCR training contact the Research Office ( or 406-496-4102).