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Following Montana Tech’s visit to universities in China in March 2015, and reciprocal visits by delegations from those universities to Montana Tech in summer and fall 2015, memoranda of understanding (MOU) have been finalized and signed with those campuses.

These MOU commit to encouraging and supporting academic, educational, and research cooperation, including exchanges of faculty, staff, and students, and to applying for research funding for collaborative projects. In December 2016, Chancellor Don Blackketter and counterparts at the four universities signed the agreements, which are written in English and Chinese. The bullets below provide the campus web sites and links to the agreements on Montana Tech’s web site.

These campuses serve between 13,000 and 60,000 students, have outstanding and distinctive research facilities and instrumentation, and are located in metropolitan areas ranging in population between 2.5 million and 25 million. Most offer some courses and degree programs in English. We encourage faculty and students to visit the web sites of these partner institutions to find opportunities of interest, as international experiences can be culturally, educationally, and professionally stimulating.

Several Chinese students and faculty expressed interest in visiting or attending Montana Tech. And the campuses are all eager to have Montana Tech faculty and students visit for a few weeks, to a semester, to a year. Montana Tech has funding for graduate students to pursue all or part of their thesis abroad. Information on how to apply is available on the Graduate School’s web site and from the Graduate School.

For more information on Montana Tech’s international partnerships, contact the Research Office at 406-496-4102 or