Synesis7 and Montana Tech Partner to Forward the Integrated Additive Manufacturing and Intelligent Digital Thread Integration Framework

Synesis7 and Montana Tech Partner to Forward the Integrated Additive Manufacturing and Intelligent Digital Thread Integration Framework


Synesis7 Corporation (“Synesis7”) and The Center for Advanced Mineral and Metallurgical Processing (CAMP) at Montana Tech of the University of Montana have partnered to jointly develop enhanced and scalable integrated Additive Manufacturing (AM) and Intelligent Digital Thread processes, technologies, and operational capabilities.  Synesis7 and Montana Tech CAMP are bringing together their diverse but complementary capabilities to assist US Government and Commercial customers in realizing their integrated AM, intelligent Digital Thread, and related 3-D Modeling, 3-D Printing, and Model Based Enterprise (MBE) objectives.

Representatives from Synesis7 and Montana Tech CAMP discovered their common interest in advanced manufacturing systems and in particular Additive Manufacturing during the first Mile High Innovation Network event in Butte that led to continuing conversations and this partnership.

As Pam Haxby-Cote, Regional Director, Blackstone Launchpad Program and coordinator of the Butte area Innovation Network describes it; “The Mile High Innovation Network is a group of motivated local entrepreneurs coming together once a month to talk about their ventures, opportunities, problems, and successes.  These valuable organic networking events are laying the foundation for a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem by creating new ventures, leads and partnerships right here in Butte!”

Synesis7 and Montana Tech CAMP recognized that their combined capabilities could be brought together to develop and deliver a flexible Additive Manufacturing and Digital Thread process, data, technology, and operational Integration Framework.

“This team brings a holistic and highly adaptive planning, development, and integration approach.  It’s about bringing together business and operations, process, data, information, knowledge management, technology, people, and organizational cultural change factors needed to advance intelligent manufacturing capabilities.  Our initial focus is on integrated Additive Manufacturing process capabilities and the intelligent Digital Thread Integration Framework that ties it all together.  The goal is to create an open, flexible, integrated, and scalable AM process, data, technology, and operational framework solution.”  – Allen Ellmaker, CEO, Synesis7. This partnership will position the team to compete for contracts within the Department of Defense (DoD) and commercial industry.

The integrated intelligent manufacturing, AM, and MBE capability will eventually tie-in with a Customer’s Enterprise-wide business and operations support and management systems.  Integration with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Engineering, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), manufacturing execution systems, logistics and maintenance support information systems, the intelligent Scalable Collaborative Automated Logistics Environment (SCALE)/i3™, and disparate data sources will be orchestrated by an integration, synchronization, and navigation engine – the planned common intelligent Digital Thread ‘Integration Framework’.

Synesis7, based in Butte, Montana, through its integrative services and solutions, assists customers to improve and transform enterprise-wide operations and core business processes, through the way data, information, knowledge, and technology is brought together and used. Synesis7 invests in forward-thinking data handling and management products and smart digital integration frameworks research and development.

This collaboration will bring the unique skills of the Synesis 7 team together with the diverse technological services of CAMP to enable the formation of a new, dynamic team.  By providing a gateway to technological innovation, CAMP will assist Synesis7 with the newly developing area of Additive Manufacturing and with the material science that goes along with this growing industry.  “Partnering with local industry is a keystone to innovation research.  CAMP is fortunate to be working with a dynamic local company like Synesis7 to further our joint research goals.”—Ronda Coguill, CAMP Materials Scientist.

For more information, please contact Ronda Coguill, Montana Tech CAMP, at 406-496-4808 or or Allen Ellmaker, Synesis7 Corporation, at (O) 406.496.6401, (C) 406.221.6304, or E-mail: