Rally at Montana Tech for Tuition Freeze

Rally at Montana Tech for Tuition Freeze


Through collaboration with legislative leaders and the governor’s office, the Montana University System has frozen the cost of tuition for the last 4 years at four year institutions and the last 8 years at two year institutions. A tuition freeze adjusts the state’s contribution to the university system for the rate of inflation. These freezes have been critical to maintaining our public universities as accessible and affordable places for Montana’s students and their families.

Even now after years with a tuition freeze, student borrowers are leaving the Montana University System with an average of $27,000 in student loans. Student debt has a significant and negative effect on purchasing power and ability to engage in local communities; it creates barriers to opening businesses, starting families and buying homes. With 64% of Montana’s students taking out student loans, our state cannot afford to not enact a tuition freeze.

On Friday, April 17th, student governments across the state will host rallies on their campuses to ask legislators to invest in Montana’s future but investing in a tuition freeze. Montana Tech's event will take place on Friday, April 17 from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm in the Mall Area. 

For more information, please contact Kirstie McPherson, ASMT President, 970-629-5915, asmt.president@mtech.edu.