Montana Tech Partners with CSO Research Inc. and US Colleges and Universities

Montana Tech Partners with CSO Research Inc. and US Colleges and Universities


Montana Tech is one of 15 institutions partnering with CSO Research Inc., an Austin, Texas-based company that provides career center automation software to 830+ college campuses across the US and around the world, using The Outcomes Survey to answer the question: “What can I do when I graduate?” for students, parents and the White House College Scorecard.

“We are thrilled that Montana Tech and 14 other schools have chosen to show visionary leadership and become our partners in innovation on The Outcomes Survey,” said Erik Mulloy, CSO’s CEO and Founder. “Students, parents, lenders and policymakers want answers to that long-standing question, and The Outcomes Survey provides the answers.”

“Montana Tech has a rich history on following-up and reporting what students are doing with their degree. The emphasis on accountability from local, regional and national levels is welcomed,” states Sarah Raymond, director of Career Services at Montana Tech. “The additional collection of data from our students will assist Montana Tech with making data-driven decisions.”

In addition to Montana Tech, the following schools have partnered with CSO on this initiative, making three-year commitments to gathering first destination career outcomes data on their graduates using The Outcomes Survey: University of North Texas (Texas); Virginia Commonwealth University (Virginia); Rider University (New Jersey); Harding University (Arkansas); Metropolitan State University of Denver (Colorado); St. Mary’s University of San Antonio (Texas); Midwestern State University (Texas); St. John Fisher College (New York); East Central University (Oklahoma); Ohio Dominican University (Ohio); Saint Martin’s University (Washington); Roger Williams University (Rhode Island); Concordia University (Texas); and Wisconsin Lutheran College (Wisconsin).

The Outcomes Survey is the only turnkey solution available that provides standardized and comprehensive “first destination” career outcomes data on new college graduates, including data on full-time employment, graduate school enrollment, part-time employment, military service, gap year, fellowship program and service program participation, and those graduates choosing to start their own businesses or work as independent contractors.
According to Max Wartel, CSO’s Head of Research and Analysis: “Most other sources of standardized career outcomes data are state-supported tools that rely solely on graduates working full-time within the state. Graduates working out-of-state, in part-time jobs, gap year or service programs, pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors or otherwise working independently are not counted, nor are those pursuing graduate school or other educational paths.  As a result, these data, while sound, are not representative of the variety of first destinations new graduates may choose to pursue.  The 21st century workforce is complex.  The Outcomes Survey takes this complexity into account.”

In addition to data on employment and graduate school admissions, The Outcomes Survey collects data on student participation in internships and experiential education, levels of engagement in their search for post-graduation work, satisfaction with their first destination, and personal motivations in seeking work or further education.

Matt Berndt, CSO Vice President and head of The Outcomes Survey initiative, shared: “Gathering data at a single point in time – particularly only at graduation – provides an incomplete picture of graduate outcomes.  We want schools to be able to tell the whole story about their graduates’ pursuits; whether they are telling that story to prospective students and their parents, to accrediting bodies, or to federal agencies.”

The Outcomes Survey collects valid, reliable and comprehensive data that can be used in reporting to the White House College Scorecard, Business Week and US News & World Report. It meets Rubio-Wyden “Student Right to Know Before You Go” standards, the new guidelines from the National Association of College and Employers (NACE), and standards under consideration by the US Department of Education related to financial aid and gainful employment in recognized occupations.

The Outcomes Survey is available now to colleges and universities seeking to survey their May 2014 graduates and beyond. 

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